Stuck In the Middle

Stuck In the Middle

By Erin

Are you stuck in the middle in your family? I am not stuck in the middle of mine. I am the oldest, but there were just two of us, so nothing crazy! I have seen first hand though from visiting other friends and family members who come from large families with lots of kids that were stuck in the middle of their families how super insane it can get! 😀 So make sure to watch and take a hilarious inside look at what it’s like being the middle child in the new Disney Channel family comedy series “Stuck in the Middle!”

STUCK IN THE MIDDLE - Disney Channel's "Stuck in the Middle" stars Joe Nieves as Tom Diaz, Isaak Presley as Ethan Diaz, Ariana Greenblatt as Daphne Diaz, Jenna Ortega as Harley Diaz, Cerina Vincent as Suzy Diaz, Kayla Maisonet as Georgie Diaz, Nicolas Bechtel as Lewie Diaz, Malachi Barton as Beast Diaz and Ronni Hawk as Rachel Diaz. (Disney Channel/Craig Sjodin)

                                               Umbrella Shot – Disney Channel/Craig Sjodin

Staring Jenna Ortega (“Jane The Virgin” and “Elena of Avalor”) who is a very inventive tween Harley Diaz, is the middle child in a busy household of nine. In the preview episode, avid inventor Harley is all set to accept a community award, but she must first devise a way to get her family out of the house and to the ceremony on time. You can imagine that getting that many people out of the house on time will not be easy!

STUCK IN THE MIDDLE - "Stuck in the Middle" - Avid inventor Harley is all set to accept a community award, but must first devise a way to get her family out of the house and to the ceremony on time. This episode of "Stuck in the Middle" airs Sunday, February 14 (8:45 - 9:15 PM EST), on Disney Channel. (Disney Channel/Eric McCandless) ARIANA GREENBLATT, JOE NIEVES, RONNI HAWK, NICOLAS BECHTEL, KAYLA MAISONET, MALACHI BARTON, ISAAK PRESLEYStaircase Shot – Disney Channel/ Eric McCandless

Told from Harley’s point of view, the slice of life stories find humor in everyday life as this middle child devises creative ways to cope with – and stand out – in her family’s busy suburban Massachusetts household. The Diaz parents, Suzy and Tom, also have six other kids: Rachel the self-involved eldest; Georgie, a basketball-playing teen; Ethan, Harley’s closest ally; invincible and indestructible twins Lewie and “Beast”; and the strong-willed youngest sibling, Daphne.

In addition to Jenna Ortega, the series stars Isaak Presley (“Austin & Ally”) as Ethan Diaz, Ronni Hawk as Rachel Diaz, Kayla Maisonet (“Dog With A Blog”) as Georgie Diaz, Nicolas Bechtel (“General Hospital”) as Lewie Diaz, Malachi Barton (“The Young and the Restless”) as “Beast” Diaz, Ariana Greenblatt (“Liv and Maddie”) as Daphne Diaz, Cerina Vincent (“Mike and Molly”) as Suzy Diaz, and Joe Nieves (“How I Met Your Mother”) as Tom Diaz.

STUCK IN THE MIDDLE - "Stuck in the Middle" - Avid inventor Harley is all set to accept a community award, but must first devise a way to get her family out of the house and to the ceremony on time. This episode of "Stuck in the Middle" airs Sunday, February 14 (8:45 - 9:15 PM EST), on Disney Channel. (Disney Channel/Eric McCandless) JENNA ORTEGA, CERINA VINCENT, JOE NIEVES

                                         Harley and Parents Shot – Disney Channel/ Eric McCandless

A full episode preview will air THIS  SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 14 (8:45 p.m. EST) on Disney Channel, immediately following the channel’s premiere of Disney’s Academy Award-winning animated film “Frozen” (7:00 p.m. EST).

“Stuck in the Middle” will air in its regular time slot beginning FRIDAY, MARCH 11 (9:00 p.m. EST) on Disney Channel.

Tune into the Stuck in the Middle premiere on the Disney Channel at 8:45 PM on February 14th!

Are YOU Stuck in the Middle?

Teen Beach 2 is Out on DVD + Cool Bonus Features! #TeenBeach2Event

Teen Beach 2 is Out on DVD + Cool Bonus Features!

By Erin

Disney Channel’s Teen Beach 2 movie is out on DVD!  Did you tune in on Friday to watch all the fun? If not, or even if you did, it’s already out on DVD for you to enjoy over and over and over again! Wether you love it for the songs, the dances, or the friendships, you have to admit that there are some great messages for kids and families intertwined into it. The characters in the movie model healthy/supportive friendships, show strong examples of female lead characters and encourage kids/tweens to believe in themselves. Teen Beach 2 is an amazing follow-up to the Teen Beach Movie. Jam packed with some pretty awesome dance and song numbers, these songs are meant to get stuck in your head, and they will. I saw the movie for the first time, three weeks ago during the Inside Out event and have been singing the songs ever since. You won’t want to miss the cool bonus features either, like CheeChee (Chrissie Fit) and Seacat’s (Jordan Fisherversion of Falling For Ya, and the making of it (which you can see below). So go get the DVD, which includes all of the not to be missed fun bonus footage and can be purchased here. You can also check out my interview with Chrissie and Jordan here. Or that time they gave us 25 bloggers a dance lesson… 😉

Heartfelt Messages:

Teen Beach 2 is filled with some amazing messages such as–

  • Believe in yourself — Brady is really into making these cool, one-of-a-kind surfboards, but he hides it at first because he thinks that Mack won’t really “get it” since her focus is on getting into college.
  • Mack helps Lela realize that she can be anyone she wants to as long as she is true to herself.
  • Female Empowerment–Mack and Lela are both strong female characters who are empowered, driven and supportive of one another, which is something I’m very happy that young viewers will get to see.
  • When Lela visits the modern world, she quickly realizes she loves everything about it, especially being able to be in control of her own choices instead of being bound by the movie-world.
  • Mack is very driven, focused on her love for oceanography and is set on paving her future by going to college.


  • Follow Your Destiny–Lela would love nothing more than to stay in the modern world, but eventually realizes she needs to return to “Wet Side Story.” She creates her own destiny and becomes the strong, independent woman she’s aspired to be.
  • Importance of Friendship–Tanner really steps up and helps Brady push beyond his comfort zone and share his surfboard making passion with Mack.
  • Mack and Lela are supportive of one another and a great example of positive friendship between girls.
  • All the characters in “Wet Side Story” risk fixing everything going on in their movie world to help Mack and Brady get their relationship back on track.

Teen beach 2 Dance

Music & Dance:

  •  The music and dance numbers are really fun in this movie, and they can be enjoyed by kids and parents alike. Families can enjoy learning the dance numbers and singing along together.

The Perfect Movie Night Movie

  • Teen Beach 2 is a great movie night pick because of its multigenerational appeal, lighthearted humor, and great story that the entire family can enjoy together. It’s a great movie to have a party for, check this out for some awesome Teen Beach 2 Party Ideas! 😉

Bonus Features:

The bonus footage on the DVD includes the cast at dance rehearsals, discussing their favorite songs and favorite moments from the movie. Exciting, new contemporary and retro music with dance numbers choreographed by Christopher Scott (Dancing with the Stars). Come join Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell and the rest of the cast as they learn some of the crazy steps for the movie. Take a look into how they put these moves into the songs Best Summer Ever, Gotta Be Me, Falling For Ya, and That’s How We Do.

You will love watching these bonus features. I loved it because you really get to see their personalities shine through, what it was like filming on set, and how much fun they had making the movie. You are made to feel like you are actually on the set with them. You can totally tell they had a blast filming, and I had a total blast just watching all the awesomeness happen!

Teen Beach 2 is available on DVD now! You won’t want to miss all the action and fun of the bonus features either! Purchase your cope of it here. Below is a clip of the “Falling For Ya” Rehearsal that is part of the bonus footage. <3 


 Dive in and rock out with the hottest surf sequel under the sun! Now that summer’s over and school has begun, Brady (Ross Lynch) and Mack’s (Maia Mitchell) relationship seems headed for a wipeout — until Lela, Tanner and the “Wet Side Story” kids show up! Dazzled by the novelty and variety of the modern world, Lela wants to stay, but the real world and the “reel” world just don’t mix. Can Mack and Brady find the magic to get the kids home and get their own romance back on track before it’s too late? Packed with electrifying song & dance numbers and hilarious fish-out-of-water wackiness, TEEN BEACH 2 is “wow-abunga” fun for everyone!

How to Throw the Perfect Teen Beach 2 Viewing Party #TeenBeach2Event

How to Throw the Perfect Teen Beach 2 Viewing Party

By Erin

*I attended a Teen Beach 2 press event as a guest of Disney. All thoughts and opinions remain my own* 🙂

It’s the perfect time to throw a Beach Party now that the summer is here. Even better is the fact that Teen Beach 2 premieres this Friday on the Disney Channel. When planning your beach parties you can use Teen Beach 2 as your inspiration! Disney has helped to save the day yet again, by making all of the party planning a breeze with the Ultimate Teen Beach 2 party guide. All of the food ideas, decorations, crafts and fun is here to guide you and give you everything needed to host the biggest, baddest, hottest Teen Beach 2 viewing party  bash with your family and friends! Don’t miss out on all the fun, be sure to head back to the beach with us and watch the premiere of Teen Beach 2 this Friday on the Disney Channel at 8pm.


What’s a party without some amazing food to grub on? Here are some awesome ideas for your special party! Surf’s Up!

Teen Beach 2 Party-Food Ideas

Hang Ten with These Food Ideas

Teen Beach Party Food

Surf’s Up Cake Recipe & Surfboard Template


Flip Flop Sandwiches


Fruit Trees

Orange Pineapple Yogurt Dip

Blueberry Hawaii Bread

Hang Ten Hummus

teen beach humus and veggies

Before or after you watch the movie, here are some great craft ideas!

Teen Beach 2 Party Craft Ideas

Bodacious Craft Ideas

Picture Frame

Paper Lanterns

Photo Props


Origami Lei Necklace

Origami Beach Ball

Save the Beach Braceletes

Box Puzzles

These ideas should have you off to an epic start for an awesome beach party! Enjoy!