Knott’s Scary Farm 2017!

Knott’s Scary Farm 2017

By Erin

*We attended Scary Farm as media for purposes of this post. All thoughts and opinions remain our own!*

It’s that time of year again! Knott’s Scary Farm is here, the most haunting Halloween event in Southern California, returns with frightening scares and innovative thrills for its 45th season. The fully transformed park will feature 13 uniquely haunted mazes and attractions, including the return of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, for her last performance as she bids farewell to the Scary Farm crowds with an all-new show. Knott’s Scary Farm is here on select nights through October 31st. This year’s experience has all the ingredients of a truly terrifying nightmare, but unlike most dreams, Knott’s Scary Farm is a nightmare you can’t wake up from. What are you waiting for? Come join in on this nightmare you won’t soon forget!

The new season will bring unnerving nightmares to life as it debuts three all-new, unique haunted attractions, each introducing new menacing storylines and heinous never-before- seen characters.

Dark Ride (New for 2017)

Guests will journey through an abandoned carnival ride where cruel characters still linger in the shadows in Dark Ride, Knott’s Scary Farm’s newest maze. The carnival attraction has become a refuge for sideshow freaks and now those shunned performers have created an ominous world where they plan to unleash terror on those who enter. Dark Ride will lead brave visitors through a treacherous path and into the bowels of a long neglected attraction as sinister shadows and horrifying scenes cast darkness over the once pleasant ride.

Pumpkin Eater (New for 2017) 

Daring guests will attempt to survive the wrath of the murderous 7-foot tall creature that haunts the old woods surrounding The Hollow in this year’s new maze, Pumpkin Eater. The notorious creature is on the prowl, hidden within the dark confines of the haunted town he once terrorized. To escape the sinister Pumpkin Eater’s wrath all who enter must go on a quest through the silent town of victims, face a cave of crawling insects and solve the labyrinth of thorns that blocks the only way out.

Trick-or-Treat: Lights Out (New for 2017)

Scared of the dark? Returning more sinister and twisted than ever before, guests are invited to step inside the Green Witch’s haunted home and venture through its dark pathways in Trick or Treat: Lights Out. Armed with only a faulty flashlight, brave visitors must face the terror of the Green Witch’s house completely in the dark. Featuring new state-of-the-art effects, unexpected scares and other eerie surprises, Trick-or- Treat is back to terrorize like never before.

Returning Favorites

Returning for the last and final year at Knott’s Scary Farm, Elvira is back with a new spectacular farewell show, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. The exclusive performance will pay homage to the Queen of Halloween’s celebrated comedy-horror film, complete with musical numbers, dance and humor. Knott’s Scary Farm will be the exclusive home of Elvira for her final performance this Halloween season. You won’t want to miss this! It’s your last chance to see her.

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Kavallerie Gel Half Pad Review & Giveaway!

Reviewing the Kavallerie Gel Half Pad & Giveaway!

By Erin

*We were sent these half pads for review purposes for this post. All thoughts and opinions remain our own.*

Recently my friend Sarah from Equine Racers and I were sent some awesome Kavallerie Gel Half Pads to try and we are loving them. I used mine with an English saddle. One of the first things I noticed about it was the ventilation throughout the pad which helps keep your horse cool. It is a very durable and flexible pad that is also very sticky and has a wonderful shock absorbing quality to it. It is the most comfortable gel pad that I’ve ever tried that will not slip as it stayed in place during my rides with it. Big seemed very comfortable in it too. The pad is very easy to keep clean, store, & use on a daily basis, I will be using this saddle pad often!

Sarah tried the orginal Kavallerie Gel Half Pad with her dressage saddle on three different horses that all differ in size and shape. First thing she noticed were all the ventilation holes thorough out the entire pad as well as how durable and flexible it is. She really liked the fact that it stayed perfectly in place during her entire ride, it never once shifted or bunched up as some pads tend to do, even when you are working on lateral movements. During her rides she also noticed a slight air ride feel, almost as if there were some sort of seat shock absorber. Her horses all seemed very happy and comfortable in it and she noticed it tended to help fill in some gaps from a less then perfectly fitted saddle. Sarah and her horses give the pad two hooves up.

Kavallerie also offers a Front riser, Middle riser, & Rear riser for your custom needs. If you would like one of these for yourself, Sarah and I are giving away TWO of these saddle pads to two lucky equestrian pals. Just follow this link here and head on over to INSTAGRAM to see how to enter! Make sure to follow all three steps and there are a couple BONUS entries too! 🙂

Why else should you try one of these pads?


Your horse’s back is essential to his performance. The most common cause of back pain is ill-fitting tack. The Kavallerie Gel Pad is like “melted-butter” adapting to the shape of the saddle and the horse’s back, providing soft cushioning to help prevent a sore back. The shock absorbing design of the pad can distribute the pressure, providing ultimate comfort for you and your horse.


The non-slip and low profile gel pad keeps your saddle in place even with high withered horses. It stabilizes your saddle which gives you the confidence that your horse won’t get hurt during your ride.


There are 4 anatomically designed gel pads to suit your specific needs and fix saddle bridging. Middle riser for dipped/ swayback horses associated with genetics or horse muscle atrophies. Front riser for horses with underdeveloped & high withers. Rear riser for a horse with weak back. The anatomic shape of the pad helps support the saddle during any movements.


Kavallerie Gel Saddle Pad is like an instant upgrade to any saddle. As a rider, you will feel closer, better contact but more supported. On top of that, your horse will have more energy, feel much happier and engaged. Everyone in the barn will ask you where you got it from.


Made from proprietary material called ReiterGel™ for durability and easy cleaning. Simply hose off any dirt after use and you are ready to go. Every pad comes with an extended 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

Make sure to head on over to INSTAGRAM to ENTER the GIVEAWAY! ENDS 10/17/17 at 11:59PM PST! GOOD-LUCK!