Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime Brings the Movie Going Experience to a Whole New Level! #Zootopia #DolbyCinema #ShareAMC

Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime!

By Erin

*This is a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions remain my own.*

ZOOTOPIA – OFFICER HOPPS -- Judy Hopps (voice of Ginnifer Goodwin) believes anyone can be anything. Being the first bunny on a police force of big, tough animals isn't easy, but Hopps is determined to prove herself. Featuring score by Oscar®-winning composer Michael Giacchino, and an all-new original song, "Try Everything," performed by Grammy® winner Shakira, Walt Disney Animation Studios' "Zootopia" opens in U.S. theaters on March 4, 2016. ©2015 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

Officer Judy Hopps (voice of Ginnifer Goodwin) believes anyone can be anything. Being the first bunny on a police force of big, tough animals isn’t easy, but Hopps is determined to prove herself. Photo: Disney.

Zootopia is running wild across theaters nationwide now, but to truly experience this film in all its glory and and in true animal fashion, you must see (hear and feel) the movie at a Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime!  Movie goers both young and old will love Zootopia as Walt Disney Animation’s 55th animated film takes us back to Disney Animations renaissance of great talking animal films and into an all new animal centered world. I cannot think of a better way to experience this than by visiting a state-of-the-art Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime!


Yesterday I was able to experience this for myself with family and friends, and now we all cannot imagine seeing a movie any other way. Once you go Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime, you won’t want to go back to seeing movies any other way! Seeing Disney’s new movie Zootopia at Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime at the AMC Century City 15 Theater provided the ultimate movie going experience!

AMC CenturyCity 15

AMC Century City 15

AMC Century City 15 Inside

I love walking in and seeing all of these familiar faces! 🙂

Check out the Video Wall!

As we went to enter the theater that Zootopia was showing in, we got to enjoy a very special interactive Zootopia video wall! Here are some of the fun scenes you can find on this video wall!

Dolby Cinema AMC Prime Zootopia Interactive Video Wall

Next Level Recliner Technology!

They really do take comfort to the next level with these spacious, high-power, reserved recliners that pulsate with the action! I absolutely love that you can reserve your seats! No more worrying about it you’ll be able to all sit together, or if you will be closer to the movie screen than you like as you can reserve your seats as it is assigned seating!

Dolby Cinema AMC Prime CC

The plush, reclining seats are huge and very comfortable! I have never been so comfortable at a theater! Each seat can be controlled easily to the position that makes you most comfortable and the armrests can also fold all the way up if you wish. With just a push of a button the foot rest and recline adjusts to your desired position. You can have your feet up comfortably for the entire movie and lean back without bothering anyone in front of or behind you. The amount of space in each row is amazing, there is even a glass partition in between rows, leaving plenty of room to move around, relax and enjoy the show!

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Kay N Daves: The Perfect Spot for Sunday Brunch in Culver City!| @Kayndaves #Kayndaves

Kay N Daves: The Perfect Spot for Sunday Brunch

By Erin

Brunch. Who doesn’t love brunch? It’s the perfect way to spend a weekend morning or afternoon. Sipping on an amazing cocktail and munching on some delicious food while enjoying the good company of friends and family aways makes for a great day in my eyes!

When I was invited to brunch with the Gigasavvy crew, a delightful group of fellow foodies, I couldn’t resist. Hosted by Kay N  Daves Cantina in Culver City, we were in for a special treat! Kay N Daves also has locations in Brentwood and Pacific Palisades.

Kay N Daves has been a favorite neighborhood gathering spot since 1991 with their location on Pacific Coast Highway. In 1992 the Pacific Palisades location was opened, followed by Brentwood in 1995 and Culver City in 2009. Owned and operated by Dave and his wife, Jintana. Neither Dave or his wife are chefs, so they brought on Alejo Grijalva to run the kitchens with his two brothers, Ruben and Roberto. They grew up in Oaxaca with a love of food that their great-grandmother taught them, cooking using only the freshest of ingredients. That love and knowledge of food can be seen today at Kay n Daves.

Kay N Daves

We started off our morning at Kay N Daves with a martini shot glass holding a refreshing watermelon shot made with fresh muddled watermelon. Plenty strong, it was the perfect way to get the party started. We were seated around a big round table that had a fire pit in the middle, which really added to the atmosphere, making it a great meeting spot to hang out at for a leisurely Sunday Brunch. Even on a chilly California-winter’s day, you will be kept plenty warm. 😉

Kay N Daves MargaritasThe next drink we tried was the Tamarindo Margarito. Made with Xicaru Mezcal and served with a chili-rimmed glass, this was my least favorite of the drinks we enjoyed. I’m more of a fruity drink girl, so this one isn’t for me like the others were, like the next drink you see below…now THAT I could drink. All. Day. Long….

Blackberry Margarita

Mmmmm don’t those look amazing? My favorite drink of the day, the Blackberry Margarita! Made with fresh muddled blackberries and mint. Topped with chunks of blackberry, lime and mint that mask the tequila well. It is very easy to drink and perfect to quench your thirst, just be careful, it’s one of those drinks you can drink a lot of without realizing just how much alcohol you’ve had until you’ve had 2 or 3 and it catches up to you! 😉 But boy is it good!Kay N Daves Guac

The starter plate was one for all of the senses to enjoy. Beautifully presented, the smells, the tastes, the textures, it was one to delight all of your senses. Starting from the bottom of the plate we had, The Mini Pibil Sope— cochinita pork pibil, oven-roasted in banana leaves with agave leaves. The Ceviche Tostada–sole marinated in fresh lime juice. The Squash Blossom Relleno— fresh blossoms, jack cheese, Mexican Herbs, crema and pico de gallo. The Mini Chicken Mole Taco–mole negro, that is made from scratch. They were all delicious, and I easily could have eaten two of each of these. My favorite of the four, just by a hair though, would be the Squash Blossom Relleno. So. Good. I’m more than ready to go back for more!Kay N Daves Brunch

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Detour Bistro Bar Opens in Culver City #BestDetourEver @DetourBistroBar

Detour Bistro Bar Opens in Culver City

By Erin

As if there weren’t enough detours already in Los Angeles with all the freeway and street construction that is continuously going on, this is a Detour you will want to take. I took this Detour myself the other night as part of a media preview, and it left me curious to try more. The Detour Bistro Bar has arrived in the Los Angeles area into Culver City. The Detour combines farm-to-table produce with seasonal California and European inspired dishes to create a unique neighborhood  dining destination in Culver City. This westside restaurant  belongs to Los Angeles locals Ranni Kumgisky and Dane Pearson who are long-time caterers. These two are always searching for the most fresh seasonal ingredients to create weekly menus that will keep customers wanting to come back for more.

The Detour is open daily for happy hour, dinner and weekend brunch. Starting April 6th, they will be opening for lunch at 3pm Monday-Friday.

Why don’t we take a look into what the Detour has to offer?


The Detour is a quaint little place, but the decor is very LA. I loved the layout of the space, it made it feel bigger and more spacious that what it actually is. It is a very nice, bright and airy space and also has an outdoor patio you can enjoy on a nice sunny California afternoon or evening.


Best Detour Ever. I love the walls here.


I know many people, including myself who would love to have one of these! So creative.


The menu for the media preview.


We started the evening out with some drinks. From left to right; The Diablo, Honey Old Fashioned, and the Summer Splash. I had the Summer Splash which consisted of vodka, cranberry, pineapple, and sweet and sour. It was very refreshing and not to fruity, perfect for a nice warm spring evening.

Detour-Shrimp Tacos

Shrimp Tacos: Cabbage, cilantro sauce, corn tortillas. So simple, yet so good. This was my favorite item from the night. I love shrimp, and these shrimp were pretty darn good, I also love tacos. It always makes for a great combination.


Lamb & Goat Cheese Flatbread: Lamb, Goat cheese, apricot marmalade, and mint. This was also a pretty tasty bite that we tried. Very flavorful and tender.

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