2014 Holiday Gift Guide

2014 Holiday Gift Guide

By Erin

HALA Gift Guide 2014

Here is the start of my picks for the ultimate Horsing Around LA’s gift guide for the Holiday 2014 season! If you need a unique gift, something for the person that has everything, look no further. I’ve got some great gift ideas for everyone coming up here!

First up is Karma Go with portable WiFi!

Karma Go Gift Guide

Karma Go is the new, pocket-sized mobile hotspot that lets you take WiFi with you everywhere. It has no contract or monthly fees. You simply buy the data you need and only add more when you need it, just like you’d refill your car when it’s low on gas. Even better, your data never expires.

Pre-order your Karma Go during Cyber Week for only $99 ($50 off the normal price of $149).

How much does data cost you might be asking?

Karma offers portable WiFi with none of the fine print. There are no contracts and no monthly fees—just an easy pay-as-you-go service for as little as $10/GB when you buy in bulk.

For the Wine Lover in your life. 😉

Wine Of The Month Club Gift Guide

With the  2014 holiday season at our doorstep, wine lovers are turning to the Original Wine of the Month Club® for their holiday gift giving ideas—from gift baskets to the latest wine gadgets. With its unique, hand-picked selections of robust and flavorful wines paired with savory gourmet snacks and sinfully sweet accoutrements, convenient online ordering, free shipping and gift-giving ideas starting at $24.99, holiday shoppers are only a click or call away from the perfect gift for family members, friends and clients.

For the Coffee Lover in your Life

Marley Coffee

At Marley Coffee, they are committed to sourcing the finest quality 100% Arabica coffee that is sustainably grown, ethically farmed and artisan roasted. Proudly offering single serve Keurig compatible capsules, as well as bags of ground and whole bean coffee, makes the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for your favorite coffee lover.

Sourcing coffee from all around the world to create a unique, flavorful and full lineup, whole also being certified USDA Organic or Rainforest Alliance ensures the highest levels of sustainability. Determined to deliver an intoxicating aroma and rich smooth flavor into each cup, Marley Coffee will have you Stirring It Up this Holiday Season.

Learn more at marleycoffee.com/coffee

For the Traveler

Travel Gift GuideIf you don’t already have a Packing Cube set from Planet Tor  then you are in for a real treat. These durable, lightweight bags are a huge step in hassle free travel. Designed for the globe trotter, the trend setter, the hiker, the biker, the large family vacationer, the weekender or whatever way you enjoy to travel, Planet Tor packing cubes will put organization and convenience into your adventures.  Everything you need will always be right where you want it. You can group garments together, pack per family member or even compartmentalize your clothes by the day. The mesh top panel allows you to compress the air out of the bag and increase ventilation and visibility of your items. You can keep your charger, cables and electric gear all in one place and stash those items that always get lost at the bottom of your travel bag.  No more wasting time unpacking, you can simply slip your cubes out of your bags and straight into the drawers and then head of on your next adventure. Overweight bags at the airport? Just remove a cube and take it as a carry on. These packing cubes are on sale for $29.99!

Bruxie Introduces the Bold Blend!

Bruxie Introduces the Bold Blend!
By Erin

Looking for a morning pick me up to get your day going? Most mornings I need a good cup of joe to help wake myself up and to get going. This is where Bruxie comes in, but honestly I could have Bruxie for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 😉  Earlier this week I was invited to come in and try out Bruxie’s new custom crafted coffee, The BOLD Blend! I have been a long time fan of Bruxie ever since I saw friends post some mouthwatering photos of the offerings here on their Facebook pages back in 2010. I was determined to go try this place out after that and planned a meet-up for brunch at the Orange location with a local meet-up group that I am an assistant organizer for. I’ve been hooked ever since! Now that they have this amazing Bold Blend Coffee to compliment the waffle sandwiches, I will be even more tempted to go here!

Bruxie  now offers a new locally roasted proprietary blend of 100% Fair Trade Coffee lovingly called “The Bold Blend.” The idea is to offer folks a coffee experience that would be bold and complex enough to stand up to and complement the flavors on the Bruxie menu. After trying it myself, I would have to say they have succeeded! 🙂

Bruxie Bold Blend


Pictured with the Bold Blend here is the Green Eggs & Ham, Lemon Cream & Berries, and Smoked Salmon Lox & Dill Cream Cheese. All are heavenly and will leave you craving more. I always am!

“From the very first sip, guests will find a pleasant linger on the palate that will evolve into a combination of savory, sweet, and even floral nuances.”

Don’t forget to partner up your coffee with your favorite Bruxie Breakfast Sandwich! 😉  Continue reading »

Grand Opening: Nespresso Beverly Hills Flagship Boutique @NespressoUSA

Grand Opening: Nespresso Beverly Hills Flagship Boutique

By: Ruth and Erin

Disclosure: We were invited out to the Grand Opening of the Nespresso Boutique in Beverly Hills. All thoughts and opinions are our own. Photographs all taken by Ruth. =)

This past week Nespresso opened up their doors with an extravagant Grand Opening Celebration for their new Flagship Boutique in Beverly Hills! I was bummed I could not make the trip out myself, but was excited to be able to send Ruth from So Cal Pocket Memories in my place. So here’s the scoop on what’s new in the 90210!

Last Wednesday I was invited to Nespresso’s grand opening of their Beverly Hills Boutique located on Beverly Drive.  Funny story, I was getting there and I was so excited to see the parking structure across the street.  Mind you I am an aggressive driver when I drive my little car.  A person crossing the sidewalk probably thought I wasn’t going to stop.  When he saw I stopped I looked at him and it was Jerry Springer!  I should of chanted Jerry!  Jerry!  Jerry! as he crossed, but decided to keep my cool since I was in Beverly Hills!  

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