The 2013 Hydration Movement: What Moves You to Stay Hydrated?

 The 2013 Hydration Movement: What Moves You to Stay Hydrated?

By: Erin

Disclosure: Thanks to Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water for sponsoring today’s discussion.


In my quest to try to live healthier and make better choices, staying hydrated and drinking enough water is up at the top of my list of things I want to be doing more of. I try to switch out sugary drinks and have water instead as much as possible but I still crave them every once and awhile. It’s a work in progress for sure. To help keep me on track Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water has a pledge you can take to encourage and inspire you.

Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water wants you to hydrate healthfully by Pledging to drink more water. You can join the thousands of others who’ve already Pledged and have inspired others to do the same by sharing their Hydration Wisdom – any tips you use to encourage healthy habits in your family? We would love to hear them!

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Say Good-Bye to Cavities & Hello to a Happier & Healthier Smile with Colgate Total Advanced

Say Good-Bye to Cavities & Hello to a Happier & Healthier Smile with Colgate Total Advanced

By Erin


Ever since I was a little girl, I did whatever I could to keep my teeth clean to prevent cavities and unnecessary visits to the dentist. How ironic was it then that I spent many days and missed quite a bit of school during my childhood going to the orthodontist and other specialists to be poked and prodded,  and had all sorts of stuff poured into my mouth to make molds for this and that. My mouth was too small for all my adult teeth coming in, I even had to have surgery so that the specialist could dig under my gums to get a couple of adult teeth out.

Once I was finally done with all of that mess during the first half of my high school years, you can bet I wanted to do whatever I could in regard to tooth protection, preventing cavities, and keeping an overall clean mouth and clean happy teeth to not have to go back to the dentist, orthodontist or other specialist unless it was just for a check-up and quick cleaning!

Colgate Total Advanced

It is so important to have a clean mouth and for tooth protection, to prevent cavities since if your teeth are hurting you, then that pretty much affects everything else you do. It’s no fun at all and hard to get anything done when you have severe pain throbbing in your mouth!  I brush and floss my teeth as well as use mouthwash twice daily  in an effort to improve my oral health and prevent additional cavities. I just started a 2 week regimen to help create a happy and healthy smile with Colgate Total Advanced Products including Colgate 360 Total Advanced Toothbrush, Total Advanced Toothpaste for Whitening  and Total Advanced Mouthwash in Spearmint Surge flavor. I’m excited about using the Colgate Total Advanced products to improve my oral health.

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Got Strawberries?

Oh Strawberries! You are luscious, sweet, soft and juicy. There’s NOTHING that can keep us away from you! Not even an over heated car beeping for us to pull over…

This past Friday evening, Mary & I had the pleasure of attending an event put on by the California Strawberry Commission that was held in Newport Beach at TrueFood Kitchen, a restaurant I have long wanted to check out since I heard rave reviews about this place when it first opened from a friend. Mary and I both agreed, that we cannot WAIT to return to one of their locations (in Santa Monica, Newport, San Diego or in Arizona). There is something for everyone on the menu; whether you’re Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Vegan or carnivore they are sure to have something that will tickle your fancy. BUT before we could enjoy all this strawberry and fresh amazing food fun, we had to get there first!!

Of all the times for a radiator hose to decide to pop off & cause Mary’s car to overheat & throw poor Mary into a huge scare, it HAD to be on our way to the strawberry fun?! Apparently, it did! But, we kept our cool and tried to make light of the situation and hope for the best that we would make it (since we had a scare that the radiator had either blown or the hose was leaking, which meant we would have had to been towed somewhere!) Luckily all it took was some coolant, water and a hose to be put back on and then we were on our way again an hour later! Thank goodness for social media, I was able to notify through my iPhone on Facebook, e-mail and twitter to a few who were attending and in charge of the event our whereabouts and dilemma. Everyone was so welcoming & gracious to us despite our major delay.

As we arrived we were greeted with food & drinks galore, opting for the Strawberry Mojito as it WAS a strawberry event!! It was delicious. I love any fruity drink, so this one was right up my alley. The appetizers were all amazing as well, with many strawberry goodies. Besides strawberries galore, there were several items from the TrueFood starter menu we got to enjoy including the; Shitake & Tofu Lettuce Cups (very light, crisp and refreshing with a zangy sauce that I loved), Thai Spicy Shrimp Dumplings (which we could have eaten all day given the chance), a Kale Salad that was marinated in lemon juice and wasn’t overcooked and soggy nor was it too hard and chewy. It was just right! There was also pizza that was fresh right out of the oven that really hit the spot. My favorite though has to be the steak tacos! Freshly baked tortillas with tender steak and topped with a generous amount of avocado (another favorite of mine!), tomato, cabbage, with spices and sauce. They were breath-taking. I loved every morsel of those things!

While we were munching & mingling, we had the pleasure to listen to a great lecture on the health benefits of strawberries from Illinois-based Nutrition Expert & Author, Mr. David Grotto. He explained the many benefits of a healthy diet in a fun and humorous way as he mentioned the 2 most important staples: Alcohol & Dessert! (In moderation of course). He then went on to explain the true meaning of “WTF?” for us: Where’s The Fiber? With year-round availability, California strawberries are a healthy and versatile fruit to enjoy every day that are PACKED with fiber.

Being a total book nerd I was excited that in our “swag bags” we were all given copies of his book, 101 Optimal Life Foods, which covers many of the ailments we deal with day in & day out; many of which can be reversed by simple changes in your diet and/or lifestyle. Diets that can help us treat each of these troubles as well as recipes to go with them are discussed in great detail. Here is a picture of me with David Grotto, the author of this life-changing book.

Here are some fun facts I learned about Strawberries!!

*A serving of strawberries is equal to about eight whole strawberries.

* A serving of strawberries has more vitamin C than an orange and is packed with beneficial antioxidants and nutrients including potassium, folate and fiber.

*Are naturally low in sugar- one serving has only eight grams

*Strwaberries may help reduce the risk of heart disease, fight some types of cancer and lower blood pressure!

That’s one powerful super fruit if you ask me!! 😉


What about DESSERT?? You may be thinking? Of COURSE! What kind of strawberry event would that be without some strawberry desserts? 😉 They had strawberry cupcakes, strawberry rhubarb a la mode (my favorite!), and a choclate pudding with strawberries.

So to put it lightly, Strawberries have it going on! Along with David’s book, we were also treated to a yummy recipe book with beautiful photos of each dish. I never knew that there were so many amazing things you could make with the strawberry, but this book will give you countless ideas that will make your mouth water just looking at the pictures. What are some of your favorite recipes that call for strawberries as one of the main ingredients? I’d love for you to share them here! 🙂

Even my cat MOE approves of strawberries!! He gives them 2 paws up!!! 😉

*Disclosure: I was invited to be a guest at this event hosted by CA Strawberries. All food & drink I had the pleasure of sampling was complimentary, as well as the gift bag provided to me. All opinions are my own & I had a wonderful time!