Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour: A Magical Place to Eat at & Celebrate!

Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour: A Magical Place to Eat at & Celebrate!

By Erin

*Special thanks to Farrell’s of Buena Park for their hospitality and willingness to create this magical Disney experience for us!*

The other week, we were finally able to let the little person in on our big secret…. That we were going to DISNEY WORLD!! Back in March, I got the golden ticket from Disney Social Media Moms to attend their conference at Disney World that is happening next week. Now, we needed to come up with a magical way to make this announcement to a special little 7 year old girl. When I found out that her most FAVORITE place EVER to go to was to Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour I knew what I had to do. I just HAD to see if I could connect with Farrell’s and get something grand in the works with them.

Go BIG or GO HOME! Right? So we went to Farrell’s.


I love the decor and energy at Farrell’s. If you aren’t in the mood to celebrate and have some fun, you will be once you enter the front doors. Even if you don’t have anything in particular to celebrate, you can just celebrate along with whatever everyone else dining around you is celebrating as you will hear a lot of singing throughout your visit.


Just a tiny glance of the menu. They are made to look like old newspapers. They have a ton of choices to choose from. You can see what section caught my eye first! Gotta love the variety of ice cream sundaes to choose from!


While you wait for your food and other goodies to arrive, there is plenty of entertainment around you for the kids, both young and old alike to enjoy. Since they were in on our Disney surprise, they made all kinds of Disney jokes and references throughout our visit. They even made a cool Minnie Mouse ears hat for Chey.


Now, no one at our table ordered this… but someone else nearby us ordered a Quadruple Dare Burger! Four patties, oh my! They make a fun announcement anytime someone orders this, right before delivering it to its rightful owner who will attempt to devour it all in one sitting.


If you’re looking for something a lot lighter than that Quadruple Dare Burger…. there are plenty of salads to choose from, like the Harvest Salad. Fresh mixed greens, crisp sliced apples, sweet strawberries, mandarin oranges, toasted almonds, and tossed with white balsamic vinaigrette. We had grilled chicken added onto ours. You can also order it with bleu cheese crumbles.


Now, if you have not had these before, you must try them. Fried Dill Pickles. These are Farrell’s famous pickles, lightly breaded and seasoned then deep fried to crispy tangy perfection. Served with creamy ranch dressing.


One of Farrell’s most popular burgers is the Old Macfarrell’s Burger. Just like the name states, you pretty much have the whole farm here on your burger. Topped with two strips of crispy bacon, a freshly fried egg, melted American cheese and Farrell’s sauce. You get the whole barnyard. No produce comes with this burger. This is one big burger, but it is also very tasty and a bit messy. All part of the fun though, right? 😉


This was the burger I enjoyed greatly. It’s called Talk of the Town, and with good reason. It is their most popular burger. Bacon, melted American cheese, fresh produce, pickles and Farrell’s sauce. I ordered my burger with some garlic fries, which I also highly recommend you do.

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Day Dreaming of Hawaii #Travel #TBT

Day Dreaming of Hawaii

By Erin

With the time change the other week,  putting in extra long hours of work, having a fall out with a friend that was dear to me just the other day, but obviously I meant nothing to them, and now having some major car trouble, I have been day dreaming of greener pastures; relaxing on a nice tropical beach to just de-stress, relax, and get away from it all.

Hawaii would be nice! What do you think? These were from a past trip I took to Hawaii, I am very long overdue for a return trip though! 😉

I want to go into more detail a little bit later about a lot of fun places to visit and hang out in Hawaii, but for now, I just need to veg out and clear my head and just enjoy these peaceful and beautiful pictures. Aloha! 🙂 <3


Enjoying the view from up high at one of the parks in Oahu.


No matter where you go, you have a gorgeous view of something in Hawaii!


The flowers and plant life in Hawaii is a garden lovers paradise.


Our breathtaking view from our hotel room at the Royal Hawaiian. I seriously could live in that place, it’s so nice. Who would want to leave this??? I can still imagine hearing the ocean waves lulling in the background as I fall asleep. So peaceful and relaxing.


The sunsets in Hawaii…. they speak for themselves.




Do You Know the Way to San Jose? @TeamSanJose #SanJoseUnplugged

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

By Erin

*Disclosure: I participated in a media tour to San Jose; all thoughts and opinions are my own*

San JoseLast month I ventured up to San Jose for a very fun and exciting FAM trip. Normally you might just pass on through San Jose not giving it a second thought as you move on to other destinations such as San Francisco or Napa Valley, but there is so much you are missing out on! I will be doing a series of posts this month all about some of the things to see, do, stay at and eat out at in this wonderful city. There is still so much for me to explore myself in San Jose, I hope to be able to return again soon! San Jose truly is a city for any foodies out there. The food alone makes me want to go back, NOW! 😉

Here is some information about San Jose and what I look forward to sharing more with you about shortly as we make our way through San Jose.

Why would you want to come to San Jose? San Jose is rich in history, culture, the arts, and more.

*San Jose is the oldest civilian settlement in California, founded in 1777.

*The site of the first state capital.

*Silicon Valley is very pet friendly—San Jose has approximately 20 dog parks or dog friendly parks.

*It is Northern California’s Largest city with a population of 945,942 (2010 census).

*The third largest city in California and the tenth largest city in the nation.

*The sun shines an average of 300 days a year in San Jose.

*Average daily temperatures range from January’s 50’s to July’s 70’s

Here is a little bit of what I experienced and will share about in my San Jose series.


San Jose FoodieIt was one decadent meal after another. You could wine and dine in San Jose for days and keep finding new places that you love. I found so many places that I’d love to go back to and saw others I’d love to try. The San Pedro Market below has enough options alone that I’m sure you could have something different every day of the year.San Pedro Market

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