What’s New at Knott’s This Summer? #KnottsIronReef #NewAtKnotts

What’s New at Knott’s This Summer?

By Erin

Summer’s coming early to Knott’s this year! Starting June 13 through September 7, Knott’s celebrates summer in a big way with all new entertainment. Headlining the exciting summer entertainment lineup are Blockbuster Beagle!, Vertical Impact, Vertical Impact: Geared Up!, and more sensational shows. Oh, and you cannot forget the new ride, Voyage to the Iron ReefCheck out the line up below!


NEW RIDES! Voyage to the Iron Reef!

Voyage to the Iron Reef Concept Art

Surfacing May 2015, Voyage to the Iron Reef™ is a spectacular new interactive 4-D ride for the entire family. Riders aim their freeze rays at menacing sea creatures while competing against each other to blast the highest score and save Knott’s from an otherwise watery doom.

Blockbuster Beagle!…on ice  – Charles M. Schulz Theatre

Blockbuster Beagle! Snoopy On IceSnoopy and his Peanuts buddies “go Hollywood” bringing Walk of Fame glamour, dazzling movie lot escapades and California excitement to a brand new ice show adventure. June 13 – August 23 No shows on Wednesdays

Vertical Impact & Vertical Impact Geared Up Show

Vertical ImpactVertical Impact presents the ultimate blend of extreme stunts with high flying acrobats performing a one of a kind performance perfect for the entire family! The fun continues into the night with Vertical Impact, Geared Up! Set to the most popular songs of today, it combines everything from trampoline stunts, bmx bikes, skaters, dancers, and aerialists. Every show ends with an informal meet & greet for the guests with the entire cast on stage. “DJ Nytemadness” will keep the party going by mixing all the best of current EDM, dance & pop hits after each show while the cast joins the guests of all ages to dance, party, take selfies, and just be a part of it all. June 13 – August 23 No shows on Mondays & Tuesdays

Charlie Brown’s Happy Campers – Camp Snoopy Theatre

Knotts Camp SnoopyJoin Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy and the world’s most popular beagle, Snoopy in a show that’s sure to make an outdoorsman out of anybody! Daily, June 14 through September 1

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Day Dreaming of Hawaii #Travel #TBT

Day Dreaming of Hawaii

By Erin

With the time change the other week,  putting in extra long hours of work, having a fall out with a friend that was dear to me just the other day, but obviously I meant nothing to them, and now having some major car trouble, I have been day dreaming of greener pastures; relaxing on a nice tropical beach to just de-stress, relax, and get away from it all.

Hawaii would be nice! What do you think? These were from a past trip I took to Hawaii, I am very long overdue for a return trip though! 😉

I want to go into more detail a little bit later about a lot of fun places to visit and hang out in Hawaii, but for now, I just need to veg out and clear my head and just enjoy these peaceful and beautiful pictures. Aloha! 🙂 <3


Enjoying the view from up high at one of the parks in Oahu.


No matter where you go, you have a gorgeous view of something in Hawaii!


The flowers and plant life in Hawaii is a garden lovers paradise.


Our breathtaking view from our hotel room at the Royal Hawaiian. I seriously could live in that place, it’s so nice. Who would want to leave this??? I can still imagine hearing the ocean waves lulling in the background as I fall asleep. So peaceful and relaxing.


The sunsets in Hawaii…. they speak for themselves.