Day 26-Silly
















Who toilet paper’s the “Adults” tack room at the barn?? What a silly question….. us “kids” do!!! We’re just “Horsing Around” as usual at the barn.  LOL 😉


Day 25- Collections

I have quite the collection going of ribbons that I’ve won at horse shows… here are just a few of them from one horse show I rode in that we were “Champion” in our division for the day.  😉

Day 24– Toys!

Who doesn’t like toys? I don’t think we ever outgrow toys to some extent. Even as adults, we have certain things we just don’t want to give up! 😉




















Here’s Mary from Along Comes Mary showing me all the Beanies that Jamie from Minnesota Girl in LA had in her car that we all just adored. How can you not adore them? They are sooo freaking cute, come in many different popular characters, and are just the right size as they do not take up much space! I have to admit, I have a ton of these in boxes lying around my house as well from back in the day when they were the thing to have. 😉