Shine On With The Color Run! #WeShine

Shine On With The Color Run!

By Erin

*Disclosure: I was offered complementary passes to The Color Run in my city, however I have always been a fan and supporter of The Color Run. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

The Color Run

There’s a colorful, shiny, glittery event full of happiness coming to town that you won’t want to miss, The Color Run Shine Tour 2015. Not all that long ago, my good friend Melody and I decided to run in one to celebrate our birthdays as our birthdays are one day apart (Mine is May 3rd, hers is May 4th). We were birthday princesses, so of course we had to wear our tiaras. 😉  I love anything with a little bling, and if it’s something to get me outdoors and moving, then that’s even better! 😉

Wether you prefer to walk or run, The Color Run is bringing the community together to participate in the “Happiest 5k on the Planet”.  As the original paint race, they have created a completely new genre of running events that continues to grow exponentially. It is the single largest event series in the world, The Color Run has exploded with more than just color; with 300 events in 50+ countries in 2014.

So WHY should you enter?

I Love Color Runners

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Venturing into the New Year: Do-Overs, Re-runs, Repeats and Fresh Starts

Venturing into the New Year: Do-Overs, Re-runs, Repeats, and Fresh Starts

So what’s going to be different about this year? I can’t say for certain, but I do have this blog now. That is something I didn’t have a year ago, to help me stay accountable for this. Like anyone else out there, there are many things I wish I could do over and have a fresh start with. What better chance for that than a brand spanking new year? A blank slate where you get to choose your destiny and decide which way the year is going to turn.

I know you can’t choose or control everything that happens around you. You can’t just decide your destiny and what’s going to happen to you. Things change, plans changes, stuff happens beyond your control that may get in the way of your master of plan of how things would be in a perfect world. Oh boy, do I know that one, even though its only 10 days into the new year. It’s been a pretty challenging 10 days so far and everywhere I’ve gone it seems like one thing or another has gotten in my way to try to prevent me from going to where I was attempting to go to, but yet I still managed to make it. I just had to change my path to get there. It may have taken longer than I would have liked, but what else can you do besides just keep moving on?

I’ve noticed a trend lately, that instead of  a New Year’s resolution, people are choosing words to guide the New Year. As we venture into the 2nd week of the new year, I’ve been thinking about (as I tend to over think everything) what my word should be for the year. Many come to mind, and thus it’s been a struggle to In the end, I’ve chosen to go with the word:


To persist in or remain constant to a purpose, idea, or task in the face of obstacles or discouragement.


Here are just a few things I would like to persevere in this year:

1)Work– I’ve been stuck subbing for YEARS. I NEED to get into something else. It is time. I cannot afford to try to stick it out and wait until all these teachers supposedly retire or the district’s budget issues resolve and can afford to hire back all the 100’s to teachers that should be working. I’ve been hearing that since I received my credential back in 2005. I’ve been looking for another type of job non-teaching related for a while, but employers seem hesitant to give a poor teacher a chance, which really baffles my mind. I’m very trainable and teachable, I learn and pick up things very easily on my own or from direct instruction from someone. At 70wpm I most likely type faster than anyone in their office. Or maybe that’s the problem?  That I can think for myself and have a mind of my own? If the conventional  type of job isn’t going to give me a chance, then I need to start getting more creative in this manner and think more outside the box.

2)Blogging– This ties into number one. I need to be more consistent in how often I post, and spend more time on my blog and look for more opportunities for sponsored posts and ways that I can make blogging more like my “job” and less of a hobby. That would be ideal since I truly enjoy blogging and all the fun adventures I have been given from it. Blogging can also be very overwhelming at times, I need to make sure I don’t let that get to me. Same thing goes for anything I may not be invited to that other bloggers are. That can be disappointing, but I know there will be other things that I will get to go to that others will not. That’s just how it is. I need to always remember to not get discouraged from that and not take it personally.

3)Working Out/Exercising More– Last year I didn’t completely fail at this. I did end up running in 3  1/2 marathons and I earned the Beach Cities Challenge Medal. After that was finished though, I totally slacked off. This year I’d like to stick to running a few 5K’s, make it to the gym at least 4 days a week, and I’ve been thinking of maybe taking up swimming again. I never got the chance to in high school, since I chose gymnastics over swimming as a team sport. In college I did take a few conditioning swim classes with some friends my freshman year and I was pretty much offered a spot on the team if I wanted it. I didn’t take it as I was so busy with school, working at the optometrist office, and riding and showing the ponies, I didn’t think I’d have time to add swim team to that list.

4)Horses– I want to get out to the horses more and at least try cross-country once this year and see how I like it.

Here are some people you might know who persevered and never gave up on their dreams and aspirations. This sincerely gives me hope for the new year that I too can accomplish what I’d like to as long as I keep going and work hard at heading in the right direction and not let a “NO” answer get me down and frustrated as it often times does.


Walt Disney-  Mickey Mouse? Disneyland?  His first animation company went bankrupt. He was fired by a news editor because he lacked imagination. Legend has it he  was turned down 302 times before he got the financial backing for creating Disney World.

J.K Rowling-  The Harry Potter Series? Twelve publishers rejected her manuscript! A year later she got a deal to publish the book but was told that she should get a day job because there was no money in children’s books.

Dr. Seuss– Cat in the Hat? Green Eggs & Ham?  Some of my favorite books to read as a child.  43 different publishers rejected Dr. Seuss’s first book To Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street.

Colonel Sanders— Kentucky Fried Chicken? KFC? He was rejected 1,009 times before he heard his first YES!

There is no success without failure.

Decide what is important to you and take action everyday even  if it feels like a lost cause. Success doesn’t happen without failures. It’s reality. Accept it.

Deal with it.  Succeed.


Good-bye 2012, Hello 2013

Good-bye 2012, Hello 2013

By Erin

As the clock ticks away into the first hours of the new year, one often wonders what the New Year has in store. Maybe this year will change your destiny. Perhaps you are meandering through the path of life, seeking answers to your deepest issues. Whatever your future may be, you must welcome the New Year with an open heart and open mind. Make the best of today, so that your tomorrows can be better. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do right now. TODAY! Otherwise you’ll be in the exact same spot you are right now, this time NEXT YEAR in 2014 wondering the EXACT.SAME.THINGS.

“The past is behind, learn from it. The future is ahead, prepare for it. The present is here, live it.”–Thomas S. Monson

I love that quote immensely, and it fits the new year and all of its hopes, dreams, and desires that it brings all of us perfectly.

So first the past. Here is my recap of 2012 in pictures.  I am still in my first year of blogging, so I am going to start with the month of April, since that’s when my blog was “born” and came into this world. On April 10th, 2012 to be exact. Along with Mary’s brainchild, Along Comes Mary.

APRIL 2012

 Horsing Around In LA was created.

In 2012 I wanted to explore more tea houses, salons, and rooms. I was able to visit quite a few of them! This is something I wish to explore further in 2013. So far my favorite place for tea is Paris In A Cup in Orange, CA. Their Summer in Paris tea has won me over.

I was able to make great use of my Disneyland Annual Pass in 2012.
I was able to partake in a fun ocean adventure on a sailboat.
A fun day was spent at the spa in Glen Ivy with friends for my birthday.
Allie joined the barn. I LOVE this horse!!!! <3 🙂
 Stroll & Savor adventures on 2nd Street that I look forward to every year in Long Beach. If you are a foodie like me, then you have to check this out!
Celebrating my Grandparents 65th Wedding Anniversary and my Grandma’s 90th Birthday
A yearly tradition I hope to continue into 2013! Our 3rd annual Girl’s trip out to the river! So much fun!! 🙂
Lake Havasu/River Trip with the Girls
Disney Fireworks. Yes, I went there a lot this year! I just can’t get enough Disney in my life. 😉
What kind of Disney fan would I be without a trip to go visit Carsland at Disney during the summer?

 I was lucky to be able to fly out to Minnesota/North Dakota for 2 weeks to go visit family. This was at my cousin Bethany’s wedding in Medora, North Dakota. It was a beautiful wedding, fit for a princess. White Horses and Carriage included. 😉
Out at my Uncles Farm House in Minnesota. Can you see why I love it out here?
An Experience of a Lifetime at a Dodger Game with fellow friends and bloggers, Jamie & Mary for one of their blogger nights.

Of course, to be fair, we had to hit up an Angel’s game as well!
Trip out to the Black Hills, South Dakota for an exciting celebration for another cousin getting married by spending the week before in an amazing cabin in the hills! This is a place I want to come back to! The cabins here were just out of this world. Wish I could live in one of them!
The Cabin
The Lovely Couple Erin & Andrew at their wedding.
The Wedding Party
Crafted–Blogger Event At Crafted. Tons of hand-made goods that are made local here in the Los Angeles, CA area.
We made it down to the Los Angeles Equestrian Center to watch a Grand Prix. This gorgeous Friesian horse and his rider performed during the National Anthem and after the event. I just love how beautiful they both are turned out! I would LOVE a headstall as shiny and blingy as this guy has to go riding around in.
One thing I have been wanting to go to was to Disney’s Halloween Party. This year I was finally able to make that happen.
The year of weddings. My good friend from college, Kellie and her new hubby Ryan. I wish one of them were my own… but no such luck there…
Be on the lookout for a post on Grimmway Farms soon! I was ever so blessed to be able to visit them up in Bakersfield, CA and I learned all about carrots and where much of our produce comes from in CA! This was definitely a highlight of my year in 2012 as I LOVE the country/farm life and food in general if you have not noticed. It reminded me so much of being back in Minnesota/North Dakota!
CHILL!! With fellow blogging buddies Jamie & Mary.
Another tradition I started and hope to be able to continue is a Holiday Dessert Exchange with friends and family. You get to sample so many tasty goodies and take some home with you. It’s been a highlight of the holiday season for me.
Helping my grandparents get their tree and house ready for Christmas. This was the first year that they weren’t able to do it all by themselves. So I treasured every minute with them since I never know if they will be here with us come next Christmas. Especially since my grandfather has been in the hospital again since this past Sunday evening and was also in the hospital for few days earlier in December. He gave us a major scare back in September when he had to have an emergency brain surgery.
Celebrating Christmas Eve with my grandparents.
There’s nothing like Disney at Christmas time! I love all the decorations, music, and holiday cheer at the happiest place on earth.
In a nutshell that was my year. The good, the bad, the ugly. A lot has been learned and many memories made. May 2013 bring better health to my family and friends, better opportunities, more good times than bad, important lessons learned, and growth in the right direction to make all of our dreams come true. In my next post I will continue with my goals, resolutions, aspirations and where I hope 2013 will take me. As we say our good-byes and close the door on 2012, I say hello to 2013 with open arms.