Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

By Erin

*I attended the press junket for this film as a guest of Disney for purposes of this post. All thoughts and opinions remain my own. All photos and videos are courtesy of Walt Disney Studios*


We all have bad days. Some more than others, including myself a lot of the time I feel like! As a child, I adored the book, so I am thrilled to see this one in theaters. I still have the book and enjoy taking a look back at it every now and then. Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is such a funny movie starring Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner. Alexander is a young boy who at 11 years old experiences one of the most terrible and horrible days of his young life! After making a wish that he soon regrets, he begins to find out that he isn’t the only one who has bad days. The movie has a good message about family coming together and having each other’s backs, even when things are going terribly wrong. It is the perfect family movie that we can all relate to while enjoying a good laugh.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the film and see what tid-bits the cast has to share with us about making the film. In attendance was Jennifer Garner, Bella Thorne, Dylan Minnette, Ed Oxenbould, Kerris Dorsey, and Steve Carell.


Did the cast have any bad days on set?

Jennifer Garner  told us about a miserably hot day shooting outdoors on location when the temperatures out were getting unbearable. Steve Carell  was humorously mocking her answer and you could tell instantly that the cast really enjoyed working together.

What did Jennifer Garner think about getting to work  with Dick Van Dyke during his cameo in the film?

She said he could do whatever he wanted since it’s Dick Van Dyke, even if he was screaming at her. She wished the rest of the cast could have been with her though. As this was the only time they weren’t all together.

 Has Jennifer cracked what it takes to make a good mother?

Jennifer: “Gosh, have I cracked what it is to be a great mom? Nooooo! But that’s the great thing about being a parent, it’s that everyday is a fresh start. You always can say “Today we’re going to try this.” And if it goes horribly, you say “Today we’re throwing that out, we’re trying this.” That’s part of what I like about being a mom in general.
But I do, I have enjoyed this new world of playing moms. This little kid whose mom is a teacher at my child’s school said, “Mrs. Affleck is a lot like my mom, she gets to have a lot of other kids.” (laugh) You feel that way. You form these relationships.”

The Cooper family in the film is overly positive and support each other most of the time, is there any danger to that positivity at all in the real world?

Jennifer: “Of course. Your kids need to be allowed to have a bad day and you need to show them that it’s ok to have the whole range of emotions, you should have it all, you have rage and anger and sadness, so there’s a lot of room for joy and happiness as well.”

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The Results Are In! 5 Hour Energy Shot “Yummification” Contest Winners!

The Results Are In! 5 Hour Energy Shot “Yummification” Contest Winners!

By Erin

Back in August I shared with you about the 5 Hour Energy Shot “Yummification” Contest. Well, now the results are in!


The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! The winners of the contest have been officially announced, and they have come up with some delicious concoctions to keep you going.

To view the winning videos: Click Here.

· First Place ($50,000 prize): “Pomelimelade” by Tim Merlau, Los Angeles, CA

Yummification Winner

POMELIMELADE from 5-hour ENERGY® on Vimeo.

The winning submission mixed a Pomegranate 5-hour ENERGY® shot with limeade, and then took us on a musical journey through all that can be accomplished over several hours. Boy did they get a lot done!

Yummification Winning Recipe

* “Pomelimelade”*

~ 1 glass Limeade

~1 shot of Pomegranate 5-hour ENERGY®

· Second Place ($30,000 prize): “Ramalamadingdong” by Mark Golembeski, Los Angeles, CA

Yummification 2 Place

RAMALAMADINGDONG from 5-hour ENERGY® on Vimeo.

The second place video helps us turn that 2:30 feeling frown upside down by mixing a 5-hour ENERGY® shot with lemonade. This video has it all: a clown, a puppy, a guy in a tutu, and much more.

* “Ramalamadingdong”*

~1 glass Lemonade

~1 shot of Berry 5-hour ENERGY®

· Third Place ($10,000 prize): “Arnold Power” by Zac Sheorn, Lugoff, SC

Yummification 3 Place

Arnold Power from 5-hour ENERGY® on Vimeo.

The third place winner reminds us that you don’t have to be good at sports, but mixing a Pink Lemonade 5-hour ENERGY® shot with decaffeinated iced tea helps keep you refreshed while practicing.

*“Arnold Power”*

~1 glass Decaf Iced Tea

~1 shot of Pink Lemonade 5-hour ENERGY®

What were some of YOUR creations? I’d love to hear about what kind of combinations everyone else has tried. Did you try any of these winning combinations yet? 🙂


Big Hero 6 in the Streets of San Fransokyo

Big Hero 6 in the Streets of San Fransokyo

By Erin

*I attended an early press day for this film as a guest of Disney for purposes of this post. All thoughts and opinions remain my own. All photos and videos are courtesy of Walt Disney Studios.*

In just a little over a month, Big Hero 6 is set to launch into hearts everywhere and onto the big screen.  Last month,  I introduced you all to a First Look at Who’s Who in Disney’s “Big Hero 6″ where we met the Big Hero 6 Gang: Hiro Hamada, Baymax, Go Go Tango, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, & Fred.


Hiro & Baymax

Now, we’ll go into a little bit more detail about where all of the Big Hero 6 adventures are set to take place. The filmmakers decided to set the pace of this action-packed story into an all-new world that embraced the Japanese influences, but also provided a fresh take unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Director Don Hall thought about San Francisco originally, but then thought to mesh this city up with Tokyo to create the totally unique city of San Fransokyo. This created a much more playful and exotic tone to the setting of the film. It was something that could be created with endless visual possibilities between the two cities, which are pretty different aesthetically. By meshing these two unique cities together made for a really cool place to set the story.


Filmmakers took trips to both San Francisco and Tokyo and observed the unique architecture of each city to give San Fransokyo its visually distinct look.


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