Jumping Around at the Barn

Jumping Around at the Barn

By Erin

Summer is just around the corner and these long summer days are really nice to get some jumping fun in. It’s a great time to get some training in and get ready for the show season ahead. A few of the horses are just learning how to jump and are coming along very nicely. You can tell that they really enjoy this change of pace from the usual just hacking around the barn. I am enjoying having a horse to be able to jump around a little bit on too, as I haven’t gotten to do much of it lately!

Purple Slurple

Purple jumping his first oxer (the red and grey jump) and his first time over the rock wall! He did great! Don’t mind my position… I’m rusty and he’s just learning, so we’re both getting used to these jumps! 🙂

Jumping Around On Every Last Detail

Every Last Detail AKA, Big jumping the brick wall. Big is looking good here! He’s such a pro!

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Knott’s Summer is in Full Swing & Grand Re-Opening! @Knotts #KnottsSummer #CampSnoopy

Knott’s Summer is in Full Swing & Grand Re-Opening!

By Erin

Knott’s Summer is now happening at Knott’s Berry Farm! So many exciting things are happening over here that you won’t want to miss out on! First of all, you will want to cool off at Knott’s Soak City OC sometime this summer, go check that out too! I was invited out to a special media day last Thursday for the Grand Re-Opening of the Mine Ride, Camp Snoopy with 3 new rides, and some awesome new shows to check out to be able to share with you here.


 At Knott’s Berry Farm bright and early for the special Media Day!


Did you know that this year marks the 30th Anniversary of Camp Snoopy?  Camp Snoopy officially opened on July 1, 1983 on the site of a former parking lot at the corner of Beach Boulevard and La Palma Avenue. Themed to the California High Sierras, the six-acre children’s area was designed by the Knott’s Berry Farm Design and Planning team. To celebrate this special occasion, Darrell Anderson (Grandson of Walter and Cornelia Knott), Craig Schultz(Son of Charles Schultz) and the whole Peanuts Gang were on hand to kick off the Grand Re-Opening festivities! All of Camp Snoopy has had a wonderful make-over and three new rides have been added! Now lets take a peak at what these rides look like! Charlie Brown’s Kite Flyer, The Linus Launcher, and Pig Pen’s Mud Buggies.


 The Grand Re-Opening Dedication at the Camp Snoopy Theatre.

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