Wordless Wednesday: The Best Little Kitty

Wordless Wednesday: The Best Little Kitty

By: Erin

You may or may not have noticed a cute little tuxedo cat that often times would photo bomb his way onto the blog here. I’m sad to say that his photo bombing days are over as he is no longer with us. Having him since he was 8 weeks old, he was a huge part of me 16 1/2 years later! So here are just a handful of the fond, loving memories of him that I will cherish forever. <3


Moe Kitty




Super Kitty

moe bow 2



RIP My sweet little Moe!!!!!! <3

Moodaepo Rowland Heights: Korean BBQ at it’s finest!

Moodaepo Rowland Heights: Korean BBQ at it’s finest!

By: Erin

Disclosure: I was invited out to a media tasting for Moodaepo Rowland Heights by a fellow blogger. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.

You might have noticed from a previous post recently that I kind of, sort of, LOVE BBQ! American, Korean it doesn’t matter to me. Good BBQ is good BBQ! I was here last month at Moodaepo Rowland Heights and the food was awesome! One of the best Korean BBQ places you will find out here!! The quality of the food and service was outstanding. Oh, and don’t forget to check in on Yelp! for your FREE ICED COFFEE!! The Iced coffee went well with our meal, but I also am a huge coffee lover.


We were seated back in the VIP room which is great for large groups and parties as it is private and separate from the rest of the place. We tried out many of the lunch items as well as the Korean BBQ. Lunch Entrees included:

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Rolling with Cottonelle: Be Kind to Your Behind! #LetsTalkBums

Rolling with Cottonelle: Be Kind to Your Behind!

By: Erin

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as I am a new Cottonelle brand ambassador. I just fell in love with Cherry Healey in these hilarious videos about our bums, and I just had to share them with you. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.

Have you seen the new Cherry Healey comercials on TV yet? They have had me giggling nonstop since the second I saw them. I was even more thrilled when I found out Cottonelle wanted little ole me to be one of their 50 bloggers to help get the word out about these conversation starting videos so we can all talk bums. Talking about a somewhat taboo subject, our bums, she sure knows how to get a conversation started! But hey, we all have one and need to take care of them, right?  Check out the complete clip below!

So what do you think? Is your bum as fresh as a daisy? It does make a lot of sense. We use these wipes on kids bums, but not our own? Why is this? It is kind of hard to get something clean only using dry paper is it not? At times you might find yourself using an insane amount of toilet paper to try to do the job that one of these wipes so easily could have taken care of with just one to freshen you up? If you have not already, would you be willing to take the challenge and give these Cottonelle wipes a try?

Ok, I am sure you are curious to learn more now and  want to follow along? Or maybe you are just intrigued about this subject? You know you are! 😉 Then follow along with us and join the conversation by tweeting @Cottenelle on Twitter and using #LetsTalkBums You can also find Cottonelle on Facebook and share there as well!

So let’s chat! Have you ever tried Cottonelle’s flushable wipes on your bum? If not, what’s holding you back from giving them a try?