Burke Williams Introduces New Ayurvedic Treatments! #BurkeWilliams

Burke Williams Introduces New Ayurvedic Treatments!

By Erin

Burke Williams has a new experience to enjoy at their spas, Ayurvedic Treatments. Ayurvedic services are based on a technique that was developed thousands of years ago in India, and focuses on the subtle balance of the mind/body/spirit to achieve healing. The new body treatments are unlike anything else on the service menu, otherworldly and very unique in the market. I was invited to come in and experience this for myself and as I love Burke Williams and trying the latest and newest unique experiences out there, I was super curious to see what it would be like.


The Orange spa is conveniently located just off the 5 and 22 Freeways in The Outlets at Orange. It is a luxurious location that reflects the opulent beauty of a fine Italian Villa. After getting checked in and settled down it was nice to relax by the fireplace in the main lounge and I enjoyed the amenities in the spa while waiting for services.


The main lobby that welcomes you when you enter to check in and get your spa experience started.


Over 25 treatment rooms are in this beautiful facility, making it the perfect location for entertaining and offers a second, private lounge for groups. The therapeutic aroma of their signature essential oils wafts through the air. You can help yourself to pitchers of fruit-infused iced water or tea throughout the spa. I love the fruit-infused water they have. Get ready to relax and enjoy! 🙂


As I was waiting for my appointment time, I enjoyed the relaxing and welcoming atmosphere of the spa until my therapist came to get me for my treatment I had come here for. My therapist, Inga came to greet me and take me back to the private treatment room to experience the Ananda service.


Inga told me a little bit more about the practice of Ayurvedic and what the Ananda treatment consists of. Here’s a little bit more information on that if you are just as curious as I am to learn more about it.

The ancient yet ageless practice of Ayurvedic medicine has been in existence for over 5,000 years. In Ayurveda, health is defined as the dynamic state of balance between mind, body and environment. Burke Williams three new Ayurvedic body treatments offer the ultimate in relaxation and restoration. Using traditional herbal blends and warm aromatherapeutic essential oils, they calm the mind, balance the three doshas, and create a profound sense of bliss and contentment.

I got to experience the Anada service, which was AMAZING. It was so rejuvenating and relaxing. I almost feel asleep I was so relaxed. It’s 80 minutes of pure bliss. Here’s a little bit more background info on what to expect if you come in for the Ananda experience:

ANANDA “Bliss” – Rhythmic – Hydrating – Vitality. The traditional Ayurvedic practice that focuses on the 5 energy channels of the head, feet and hands. Ayurvedic herbs are applied to the five points followed by a nourishing, rhythmic flowing massage with heated theraputic oils. Special emphasis is placed on the Marma points, the vital energy points that move electromagnetic energy through the body. Finally the traditional Ayurvedic Balancing Bowl is used on the feet to balance the doshas and remove excess heat or energy from the body.

BW Shirodhara-LANDING

Here is a little bit more on the other Ayurvedic treatments you can enjoy while at Burke Williams.

SHIRODHARA “Head-flow” -Profound – Flowing – Clarity. This deeply soothing traditional Ayurvedic treatment calms the central nervous system and integrates the mind and body to achieve a heightened state of awareness, relaxation and contentment. The treatment begins with selecting the herbal massage oil specific to the mind-body constitution, or dosha. You will be expertly massaged with the warm herbal oil ending with the Shirodhara, a constant and gentle stream of oil poured over the third eye to create a profound state of happiness and mental clarity.

BALANCING BOWL ENHANCEMENT “Balance” – Realign – Uplifting – Peace. Made from three of earth’s metals, the Balancing Bowl contains specific properties to balance vital subtle energies within the body. Addressing the needs of the three doshas, silver balances Pitta, copper balances Kapha and brass balances Vata. This can be performed with any massage treatment, this Ayurvedic enhancement will leave you relaxed with a profound sense of contentment.

I love that Burke Williams has partnered with Shankarato bring us some of the finest and purest Ayurvedic aromatherapeutic essential oils in the world. Made solely in India, these oils are 100% organic, paraben, alcohol and chemical free. In Sanskrit, the name ‘Shankara’ means, ‘Pure Beauty with Fully Blossomed Consciousness’. 100% of Shankara’s net profits fund global non-profit humanitarian projects, implemented by the International Association for Human Values.

After your treatment you are welcome to continue to enjoy the spa and all it has to offer. I enjoyed sitting in the spa and just relaxing.


For more information on Burke Williams Day Spas locations, services and products please visit http://burkewilliamsspa.com.

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