Day Dreaming of Hawaii #Travel #TBT

Day Dreaming of Hawaii

By Erin

With the time change the other week,  putting in extra long hours of work, having a fall out with a friend that was dear to me just the other day, but obviously I meant nothing to them, and now having some major car trouble, I have been day dreaming of greener pastures; relaxing on a nice tropical beach to just de-stress, relax, and get away from it all.

Hawaii would be nice! What do you think? These were from a past trip I took to Hawaii, I am very long overdue for a return trip though! 😉

I want to go into more detail a little bit later about a lot of fun places to visit and hang out in Hawaii, but for now, I just need to veg out and clear my head and just enjoy these peaceful and beautiful pictures. Aloha! 🙂 <3


Enjoying the view from up high at one of the parks in Oahu.


No matter where you go, you have a gorgeous view of something in Hawaii!


The flowers and plant life in Hawaii is a garden lovers paradise.


Our breathtaking view from our hotel room at the Royal Hawaiian. I seriously could live in that place, it’s so nice. Who would want to leave this??? I can still imagine hearing the ocean waves lulling in the background as I fall asleep. So peaceful and relaxing.


The sunsets in Hawaii…. they speak for themselves.




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