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Summertime Chic with Cowgirl Boots & Dresses

By Erin

*This post was sponsored by Country Outfitter. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

With summer here, it is the perfect time to get those cowgirl boots out and pair them up with one of your favorite chic dresses. Living in the city, you might be thinking “Oh, those cowgirl boots you have are only good for the rodeo, horseback riding, or a square dance!” Quite the contrary! They can be used for so much more than that! The traditional iconic American image of cowboy boots with  jeans, a plaid shirt, and a 10-gallon hat make it difficult for many to see cowboy boots in a different light as stylish and fashionable footwear.

I’ve set out to try to help change this mindset by gathering together some different stylish looks that you can create with your own cowgirl boots and dresses. Lets get those boots dusted off and out of the closet and into the world where they belong so that they can be seen. Pairing your boots with the perfect dresses and accessories, a number of different fashionable looks can be made to have you looking spectacular in no time. Here are my new favorite cowgirl boots below that I just picked out for the summer months. What do you think of them? Anyways, onto some different looks. Let me know your favorites!

Country Outfitter Coral Boots

Here are just some of the ways you can pair your cowgirl boots up with your favorite dresses!

1) Cowboy Boots with a Flowery Sundress

Country Outfitter Dress

A floral sundress with cowboy boots looks so sweet and gorgeous. Make sure to choose a dress that is a bit  below the knees rather than a maxi long dress. You don’t want to hide those boots! Let them be seen! This will also make your legs appear to look longer.

 2) Rocking the Cowboy Boots with a White Dress

Country Outfitter White Dress

A simple white dress with a neutral color pair of boots, like the dark brown ones shown here will give you a very classy and elegant look.  Paired with the purse and necklace leaves you with a complete country and chic outfit.

 3) Little Black Dress or Cocktail Dress

Black Dress with Boots

A little black dress or cocktail dress to pair your cowboy boots with will leave you looking elegant and timeless. You will be ready for a night out on the town with this look for sure!

4) Cowboy Boots for Brides & Bridesmaids

Wedding Dresses and Boots

Summertime is prime time for weddings. It is also the perfect time for those brides looking to have a very country chic wedding to bust out their cowgirl boots. They look so chic and elegant. In order to avoid a costume look with this; make sure to keep the hair, makeup, and accessories mainstream. A variety of different kinds of boots can be put together for the look you are going for. For a really feminine and fun look, have your bridesmaids wear a girly color such as pink or purple for their dresses and then pair them up with some super cute boots like the ones shown here. Or go with some white or ivory cowgirl boots for the big day. Be sure the style of the gown is appropriate.

5) Boho Chic

Boho Chic look
Adding a boho flair to the country garb, creates a cool and feminine look. Playing with layers, lace, fringe, and leather along with Bohemian style jewelry that incorporates sterling silver, large pendants on leather cords, semiprecious stones, or natural elements, such as shells or amber will have you looking chic in no time!

6) Looking Chic with City Sleek

City Chic Sleek dress
Going for a more City Girl look? Decorative leather boots can look chic with the sleekest of attire. Achieve a sophisticated look with styled hair and full makeup. Many styles of dresses will work nicely to pull off this look with a pair of cowgirl boots. Match with a statement piece of jewelry and you are ready to go.

7. Out and About

Whether it is a weekend brunch with friends or a casual coffee date, a pair of cowboy boots adds a touch of style to an outfit without looking too dressy. A  cute sundress paired with some chic boots to match and you are ready to go just about anywhere.

8. Date Night

Date Night Cowgirl

Going on a date with your love? Here’s a perfect look for that date night coming up! A solid colored dress with a layered necklace and your favorite pair of boots will give you a very feminine look that is sure to grab your guys attention ;).

9. Concerts and Dancing


The options are so endless here. Whatever makes you feel good to rock out in and dance in. Perhaps a solid colored dress, (just above the knee is best) with your favorite pair of decorative boots and necklace that match will leave you ready to sing and dance the night away.

Cowgirl boots are very much an American classic that is worn all over the world with limitless fashion potential. Such a variety of outfits can be created with them. Whatever makes you feel beautiful and comfortable in, is what you should go with. It doesn’t matter if you are relaxing for the weekend, going out on the town, or getting married, any woman can work it and rock out the cowgirl boots into her own personal style for a very All-American Chic look.

How do you like to wear your cowgirl boots?

*All photos were provided by Country Outfitter, with the exception of the first photo, which belongs to me.*

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  1. I like 1. 3. and 8. To me those would be great. I use to have a pair, finally fell apart. Guess it’s time to get a new pair. These reminded me of how I use to enjoy wearing boots. I like them especially with a pair of jeans and flannel shirt for winter. Would be great as I live in the South now.

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