Horsing Around In the 2014 Subaru Forester #SubaruForester

The 2014 Subaru Forester

By Erin

Disclosure: I am a voluntary participant in the Subaru of America Forester Blogger Program. I have been asked by Subaru of America to review their products in exchange for the use of a short-term vehicle loan and a gas card. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

It’s getting to be that time for me when I need to start thinking about what car I’d like to get next. My current car is a 2001 model, and at 13 years its on its last leg. When the opportunity to try out the Forester from Subaru presented itself to me, I could not pass up the chance to drive it around and see what it would be like to have a “new” car again. I need a reliable car driving on the crazy freeways and roads in the Los Angeles area, and the Forester was a perfect choice for me to test drive.

2014 Forester

The car was delivered right to my house. It doesn’t get any easier or better than that!

It was a particularly warm weekend, boy was I ever lucky to have chosen this weekend to have this wonderful loaner car! Air conditioning? SCORE! My current car does not have a working air conditioning system, thus making having this loaner car even more of a luxury to have for a few days.

I don’t think you can truly appreciate and value having air conditioning in your car until you get a taste of what it is like when you do NOT have access to air conditioning.

Now, what else is so great about the Forester you may ask? Well here are some highlights the Forester has that I enjoyed. Take a look for yourself! 😉


        The 2014 Forester. The Forester has a sleek design with a super spacious trunk for all your toys, beach gear, luggage for that road trip, groceries, or anything else your heart desires. One of my favorite features is the EyeSight Driver. I felt more at ease with this feature in the car, being able to see behind me when backing up in reverse was a huge relief as I always get a little worried wondering if there is something I cannot see behind me. I tend to worry and wonder if I am getting too close to any cars or other objects, with this feature I was able to see everything that was behind me and how close I was to anything that was behind me. Such an important safety feature I think every car should have these days!

Forester Navigation SystemThe screen on the Dash Board gives you lots of information about your gas milage and the wonderful Navigation System with LCD Touchscreen, Aha Smart Phone Integration, HD Radio, SirusXM Satellite Radio & SiriusXM Nav Traffic. I really loved these features and had a lot of fun playing around with it and figuring it out. With a combined city/highway MPG of 27 MPG, that’s not bad for a SUV.

Forester Moonroof

The must have Panoramic Power Moonroof with Privacy Glass. Living in Southern California, this is a very nice feature to have on your car! This moonroof was HUGE!!! I loved it. I love going on Sunday Drives with friends, this would make those drives that much more enjoyable driving down Pacific Coast Highway! 😉

Forester Interior

Look how roomy the Forester is! So much space! I really like the added feature in that the middle seat in the back has a compartment that has cup holders in it. I am always wishing my current car had more cup holders like this! This is perfect! Road Trip anyone?

In my next post about the Forester, check out some of the adventures in SoCal that I went on with this super comfy and fun car! Including a trip to Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, and Anaheim! 😉

One other thing you may be wondering by now is, well how much is one of these? The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price is $27,995. With the added option of having the Navigation System in the car, that adds another $1,100 to your total. Coming in at right under $30,000 then. With all the amenities, aesthetic features, comfort and space that this vehicle has to offer, it is well priced to other vehicles offering similar features and I would put the Forester high up on my list of cars to ponder when making my next car purchase.

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