Wordless Wednesday: Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium! @SeaLifeMN

Wordless Wednesday: Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium!

By Erin

If you couldn’t tell from last weeks Wordless Wednesday, I love aquariums. They are filled with such awe inspiring, magical, mythical creatures that just amaze me with their beauty and uniqueness. I have always wanted to be a part of this Under the Sea world, so whenever I visit an aquarium, it makes me feel as if I am part of their world, even if it’s just for a very short while. Yes, I Love the ‘Little Mermaid,’ another reason why I think I love these creatures so much! Growing up with that movie, and watching it endlessly, whenever I’d go swimming, I’d pretend we were swimming around like a mermaid along with all the other sea creatures.

At the Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium you can truly feel like you are under the sea for a few hours. Located in Bloomington, Minnesota at the Mall of America, the aquarium can be found on the very bottom level in the basement. I have tons of family that lives in Minnesota so I am out here just about every summer. Usually at least one trip to the Mall of America is made on my visits to this beautiful state. I had never made it down to the aquarium though until just this past summer! If I had known it was this grand of an aquarium, I would have made sure to get there sooner! So the next time you are in Minnesota, I HIGHLY recommend going and checking out this awesome aquarium! Enjoy!



Tide Pools


Jelly Fish

Sea Horse

Tiny Sea Horse

Pot Bellied Sea Horse


Sea Turtle

diving tutrle


sea life aquarium



If you’d like to connect with Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium, you can do so here:




30 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium! @SeaLifeMN

  1. So neat! I SO wish there were an aquarium within reasonable driving distance to me. My 9 year old sister is really interested in sealife and I was looking up aquariums in michigan to see if I could take her to one for her birthday to have fun but also to expand on her natural interests in an educational way and the state of michigan doesn’t have a single aquarium which really shocked me. I guess there used to be one in Detroit but it shut down so we don’t have any at all. It’s a shame.
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    • Oh my there are TONS of things here to keep men and children busy at the Mall of America while the women shop. LOL It’s kind of dangerous actually when you think about it that way! lol (think Legos, Amusement Parks, Movies, and more to keep them busy all under one roof…) I might just have to use that for a future post as I do have pics of all of those things too from the Mall of America. That place is H-U-G-E.
      Erin recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium! @SeaLifeMNMy Profile

  2. oh i love visiting places like this. we went to shedd aquarium in illinois once and it was indeed very relaxing to watch all those sea creatures. what a cool place!

    • Oh I LOVE the SHEDD Aquarium in Chicago too!! Too bad I went when I was a junior in high school, before everyone had cell phones, let alone fancy ones with camera phones like they do now! lol Or even a really nice digital camera. I have a few pics from SHEDD, but don’t know if they are worthy enough to be put up here! lol 😉 But that aquarium is another awesome one for sure!!! I LOVED how they even had dolphins!!!
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