Day 22- Can’t Live Without

One thing I cannot live without is traveling and exploring this amazing planet with a loved one or with friends. There is nothing better than sharing a new place, trying new foods, exploring a city, making new friends and new memories with family and friends.

Switzerland is such a BEAUTIFUL country!! Definitely one of my most favorite places EVER!

Venice, Italy

A view of Venice from atop of the bell tower.

Enjoying a gondola ride with friends in the canals of Venice.

The canals of Venice.

Friends in Amsterdam.

And LAST but certainly not LEAST, you cannot forget CHOCOLATE! Who can live without CHOCOLATE? I KNOW I CAN’T! 😉

Especially if they are chocolates from Switzerland!!

2 thoughts on “Day 22- Can’t Live Without

  1. I visited Venice for about…hmm let me see 3 hours and I loved every single minute of it. We were driving back to Vienna (my older bro lives there now) from Cinque Terre – we stayed in La Spezia….if you haven’t been down there by the Amalfi coast, add it to your list! Beautiful photos too 😉


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