Wordless Wednesday: Summer Sunsets in Lake Havasu

Wordless Wednesday: Summer Sunsets in Lake Havasu

By Erin

School is back in session, but I’m still in vacation mode. It has me wishing I was back out at the lake enjoying just one more summer sunset! Isn’t it beautiful?

Lake Havasu Sunset LD

 A gorgeous Lake Havasu Sunset!

Lake Havasu Clouds

Lake Havasu Skies

Lake Havasu Sunsets

Lake Havasu Sunset Summer

Relaxation and Good Times out on the Colorado River

Relaxation and Good Times out on the Colorado River

By Erin

Labor Day is just right around the corner. Where has the summer gone? It always goes by way too fast! One place that I love to spend labor day weekend at is out at the river. Just about a 4-4/1/2 hour drive depending on traffic and if you stop to grab a bite to eat and take a bathroom break or not. Whether you stay in Parker, Havasu, or just somewhere along the river, it’s always a good time. I have been spending my days at this wonderful place for as long as I can remember.

River Life

A beautiful view awaits right outside the front door. Ready to go out for a float?

River Girls

During the warm summer months, the river is a great place to cool off at with friends and family! It can get pretty busy though, look at all the boats!

River Food

If you’re hungry, one of my favorite places to dine at while at the river is at El Sarape in Parker, AZ. Here is the carne asada plate! It’s so good!

River Fun

A river trip isn’t complete without some cool drinks! Cheers! A boat ride is also customary, there are some fun floating bars and restaurants you can drive right up to and dock your boat at! Shown here on the right is the Roadrunner! It’s fun to go there at night for some drinks, dancing and just hanging out. It’s also a good place to grab some breakfast at!

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30 Day June Photo Challenge Catch Up!

OK, so I know I have been MIA the past few days for this challenge. I have been away at the River, thus have not had time to update daily my photos for this challenge. No, worries though, I am back now!! 🙂 So here are my photos.

Day 9: First Thing in the Morning










I LOVE getting up in the morning and waking up to this view at the river! <3 This was taken this past weekend on 6/9/12.


Day 10: Pajamas










Nothing’s better than opening up presents on Christmas Day in your pajamas! Here our cat Moe is opening up his presents and you can tell by the expression on his face that he cannot wait to try out his new blanket!!








Moe enjoying  his new blanket.

Day 11: Procrastination








This is what happens when you procrastinate and leave your clean clothes on the floor… sooner or later some critter is going to come along and make themselves nice and cozy in your clean laundry… 😉

Day 12: Feet!








Friends feet at the beach on a nice summers day!










Of course I had to include some horse feet! No day would be complete without them!! <3

Day 13: Books








I LOVE books!! Wish I had more time to read.

So there you have it. I am all caught up now. Until next time…. 😉