A New Look for Horsing Around In LA Thanks to Allen Taylor Photography!

   A New Look for Horsing Around In LA Thanks to Allen Taylor Photography!

By: Erin

Disclosure: I was chosen as a makeover model for Allen Taylor Photography in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions remain my own, and I highly recommend Allen Taylor Photography!

Working with kids and with horses I don’t usually wear much make-up and usually just end up putting my hair up in a pony tail to get my hair off my face in the warm classrooms (since they don’t all have AC in them, can you believe that??) or when I’m at the barn with the horses, so that my hair isn’t in my way. So I’m pretty much a no-frills girl on a daily basis.

Being at the barn a lot around the horses and just spending a lot of time with animals in general, combined with the fact that I work in all sorts of different classrooms in the schools, I never know if there will be AC or if I will be roasting and sweating all day. Given this, I don’t bother getting all prettied up and spend hours doing my hair and make-up. If I’m just going to be sweating it off and having my hair stick to the back of my neck, I’d rather not and just be comfortable!

However, lord knows I could use an updated photo of myself for my blog and it is fun to get all dolled up for special occasions! LOL

For special occasions I usually just end up getting my hair and make-up done by my wonderful hair guy Richie Roman, since I’m not very talented in that department since I don’t do it on a regular basis. I am way too much of a perfectionist, it would take me days for me to be happy with the way it turns out!

When I found out that my friend Wendy was seeking a couple of volunteers for makeover models to photograph, I jumped at the chance.  I thought this would be great fun to do this for Allen Taylor Photography, and to get some more professional looking pictures, instead of the down and dirty ones from the barn for my blog (see below)! 😉

So here are a few “Before” photos: Nothing fancy, just plain and simple.

Mister Man



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Day 30– Food

The last day of that photo challenge. FOOD! Who doesn’t like food? 🙂
















Chicken tacos from the skinnylicous menu at  Cheesecake Factory. YUM!
















Salmon & Carmalized Onion Scramble from one of my favorite diners in Long Beach! Starling Diner. 🙂


Day 29-Love–A Day Late, a Dollar Short, Better Late than Never! ;-)

I know I’ve been a bit MIA these past few days, so I missed the last 2 posts for June! It’s been a very busy weekend, and will be pretty busy until I leave next week for “vacation” to see family,  go to a few weddings, the Minnesota version of my grandparents 65th Wedding Anniversary and 90th Birthday celebration. I am DETERMINED though to catch up with all my posts before I leave (this would include posts for days 29 & 30 for the photo challenge, 2 movie reviews, 1 restraunt review, 1 food item review, and the conclusion and results of the #IWillRockThis Challenge that just concluded this past weekend!) Whew! I WILL GET THIS DONE!!!  There are others I’d like to get completed, but those are the ones I feel I HAVE to get finished as they are somewhat time sensitive. So here is Day 29– LOVE















Made with Love, in Italy.








Friends <3 Roadtrips to the river.









Cowboys at the river 😉