Veggie Grill: Taste and Believe

Veggie Grill: Taste & Believe

By: Erin

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I was invited out to try some of their new summer items as well as some of their favorites! All thoughts and opinions remain my own and I have enjoyed coming here ever since I found out about this place last summer! 🙂

I am not a vegetarian by any means. I do LOVE a good steak or other well prepared piece of meat. In my attempt to eat healthier and fresher foods and finding alternatives to your typical unhealthy fast food joints, I found this place. Veggie Grill! They have locations throughout Southern California, Northern California, Oregon, and Washington. Veggie Grill serves  food you can feel good about. They are proudly committed to serving 100% plant-based food. No matter what you enjoy at Veggie Grill, you can be assured that your food has no meat, dairy, eggs, cholesterol, animal fat or trans fat in it. It’s so good, that you’d never know it was vegetarian. 😉

Veggie Grill

I arrived at the Veggie Grill in Hollywood at The Dome on Sunset. I was pretty hungry as we had just walked over from the El Capitan after seeing a preview of the new Monsters University movie. I loved how clean, fresh, and modern the place looked. It is very open and airy.

Veggie Drinks

After putting our order in, which was gladly taken by John O’ Neil, the general manager at this location, we went to get some drinks. We were given some great suggestions on things to try by him and we were not disappointed in the slightest. Everything that was recommended to us was spot on and left us craving more. Sometimes I like to come here just for their teas and lemonade! You will NOT find any carbonated beverages here, which is one thing I truly like about this place! Be sure to try out their ginger hibiscus tea, it is amazing. Perfect for these hot summer days to cool you down.

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“Home Sweet Home” at the Orange County Fair

The rides, the food, the exhibits, the animals, the shows! There is something for everyone at the fair and it is one of my favorite summertime hang-out spots to enjoy some good food, good company of friends and family, and some top-notch entertainment or a lazy summer afternoon of wandering around the exhibits, rides, games, or just sitting back and taking it all in.  This is the last week of the fair, so if you have not already had the chance to go, then make sure you head down there by Sunday August 12th!!

Here are some of my favorite things about the OC County Fair:

1. The FOOD!! You cannot go to the fair and NOT have any of the spectacular food options they have. Ranging from the healthy to the not-so healthy, whatever you fancy, I can guarantee you will find something delicious! Fresh Berries. Roasted Corn on the Cob. Deep-fried. Wrapped in Bacon. On-a-stick. Battered. Breaded. Dipped in chocolate. Eating at the Fair is a unique experience. 😉

Two of my favorite things!! Chocolate and STRAWBERRIES!!

I ended up getting a basket of  nice ripe, juicy berries and a chocolate covered strawberry!! YUM!

Bacon Wrapped… everything… I just love this sign.

Fresh Roasted Corn

OMG this was amazing!! Pulled-Pork Waffle Sandwich!! Totally curbed my craving for a funnel cake for dessert! So I ended up getting a chocolate dipped vanilla cone instead. I WILL get my funnel cake fix at the LA County Fair next month! 😉

My Dipped Cone… notice I still managed to get my funnel cake in the picture as well…. 😉

2. The ANIMALS! I’m sure you all know by now that I am a HUGE animal lover. I’m a sucker for a cute critter. The Centennial Farm and Petting Zoos are both great places to make some new four-legged friends.

3. The ENTERTAINMENT! As if the super adorable animals were not enough, since I could easily stay all day just visiting and making friends with them, the fair has endless opportunities for some breath-taking, action packed entertainment. One of my favorites since I was a young child, is the Peking Acrobats. I have to watch them whenever I make it out to the OC Fair!

4. The RIDES! What’s the fair without some exhilarating rides with some of the best views around of Orange County?

Some of the amazing views you will find when you catch a ride on the Sky Ride at night! Just DON’T look down below if you are afraid of heights! 😉

The La Grand Farris Wheel

View from atop the Ferris Wheel

5. FACE PAINTING!! If you didn’t notice already, my friends and I all got our faces painted. Being a kid at heart, the fair is the place to be a kid again and you can get away with doing silly, fun stuff like that. So it is NOT just for kids. Best part was, it was only $5 and we kept hearing comments from others on how cute our Hello Kitty’s were. 🙂

Mary, from Along Comes Mary getting her face painted!

Group Pic!

Close-Up of how my Hello Kitty turned out. I loved it.

6. All of the EXHIBITS & SHOPPING!! I didn’t have time to get pictures of all the Exhibits. I will have to cover that this weekend when I go again. 😉 There are TONS of awesome and unique items at the fair that you won’t find anywhere else. The fair truly is a one of a kind experience that everyone can enjoy.

Have YOU gone to the fair yet? If you’re not in SoCal, have you been to the fair this summer near you? What’s your favorite things about the fair? I’d LOVE to hear all about it! 🙂