Wordless Wednesday: It’s Spider Kitty! #Halloween #CutePets

Spider Kitty Moe!

By: Erin

It’s Halloween Season and what’s cuter than seeing your adorable pets dressed up to celebrate the occasion? My cat Moe always loved to dress up in his special Spider Man costume, sit in front of the door and wait for the tick-or-treaters to arrive to tell him how stinking adorable he was. He also enjoyed saving us from that evil red dot that would float around on the floor. Because it surely would have hurt us all if Spider Kitty Moe weren’t here to save us all from it! 😉 So here he is to save the day, it’s Spider Man (Kitty) Moe!

Spider Kitty MoeHe’s such a tough guy…. 😉Spider Moe

It’s so hard being cute…

Spider Cat in ActionCome here you evil red dot! 😛

Spider Kitty Moe Spider Man

Posing so you can get a good look at his handsome and manly outfit.

Spider Man Cat

So proud of himself for saving the world from all the evildoers and their red dots. 🙂

Happy (almost) Halloween!

Wordless Wednesday: The Best Little Kitty

Wordless Wednesday: The Best Little Kitty

By: Erin

You may or may not have noticed a cute little tuxedo cat that often times would photo bomb his way onto the blog here. I’m sad to say that his photo bombing days are over as he is no longer with us. Having him since he was 8 weeks old, he was a huge part of me 16 1/2 years later! So here are just a handful of the fond, loving memories of him that I will cherish forever. <3


Moe Kitty




Super Kitty

moe bow 2



RIP My sweet little Moe!!!!!! <3

Hello Kitty Love

Hello Kitty Love

By Erin

Ok, so you might have noticed a very familar kitty on my blog every so often. Yeah, I kind of sort of like Hello Kitty. Just like with horses, it’s something a girl never outgrows. You know the Nestle Crunch post I wrote about a short while ago that took place at Sweet E’s? Well, what you didn’t see in that post was this beauty pictured here!

Hello Kitty Cookie

 She wasn’t part of the actual event, so I thought I better refrain from putting her in that post, although it was SO tempting to do so! 😉 If there is anything Hello Kitty or Horse related in a room, you can bet I WILL find it.

When I got the chance to review a costume from BuyCostumes.com and saw that they had a Hello Kitty Costume, I KNEW this was the perfect excuse to write-up a post on my beloved Hello Kitty. Check out this adorable Hello Kitty Costume! They have a few cute ones to choose from, but this one caught my eye the most. At only $44.99, that’s a really good deal as you get the dress and the Hello Kitty headband (the white pearls are not included).

Hello Kitty

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