A Cure for the Monday Morning Blues: Horsing Around with Torero & Purple.

A Cure for the Monday Morning Blues: Horsing Around with Torero & Purple

By Erin

After the crazy heat this week, it was nice to relax a little bit with the horses in these “cooler” 80 degree temperatures over the weekend. They were just as happy as we were for a break from the nasty  100+ degree heat. Especially Purple as the heat made him very sick this past week and he has lost a lot of weight very quickly from it; he didn’t do well with the heat at all. Thankfully it has cooled down and he is getting back to his normal self and eating like a pig again. Now they are all playing, horsing around and back to their silly goofy selves. Torero really thinks he is something special (but I think I’d have to agree with him on that one). Is he funny enough to help cure those Monday Morning blues? What do you think?  😉


Top Torero attempting to be serious.


This is the REAL Torero though…. 😉 Signature  move: his tongue hanging out. He’s so silly.

Top Torero

He’s got a lot of personality! So fun to watch these guys.

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Day Tripping to Galway Downs with the Horses

Day Tripping to Galway Downs with the Horses

By Erin

The other weekend I went with the girls to Galway Downs down in Temecula, California to go watch Sarah & Big and Becky and Tamale in a clinic to prepare for the upcoming event at Copper Meadows this weekend. Bunnie Sexton taught the clinic that they rode in and it was so awesome to watch! Both horses did great and I can’t wait to see how they do at the show this weekend down at Copper Meadows! Hope you enjoy some of the pics of all the action!

Cross Country

 Big is ready to go and one of the super cute pups at Galway Downs!

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Moby & Big: Horses in Horsey Heaven

Horses: Moby & Big in Horsey Heaven

By: Erin

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a horsey update on the horses, so heres the lowdown on what’s going on with the boys at the barn.

Some very lucky horses: Big & Moby have found horsey heaven at a barn in Los Angeles County, that they very gladly now call home.  They are living the life and enjoying every second of it. What do you think? 😉 They look pretty happy if you ask me! They moved barns (only about a mile from the old place) on December 1st, 2013.  They have settled into the new place nicely.

Plenty of turn out time with good friends, tons of food to munch on, a very beautiful arena to ride in and learn how to jump in (Go Moby!), and tons of love and pets from everyone around. Moby is a very green baby who is just starting to learn how to jump after his racing career ended on the track. He is super cute to watch though! Look at him go with  Sarah on board. =) Be sure to check out Equine Racers, there are some awesome ex-race horses listed there that need homes too.

Horses: Moby learning to jump

Big & Moby having some play-time together. They are best buds! Awwwww…

Horses Big & Moby

 Aren’t Big & Moby just the handsomest guys ever?


Moby being a nosey baby, wanting to know what’s going on. I see you, he says! Pay attention to me! 😉

Well that’s all for now!