Wordless Wednesday: A Southern California Spring

Wordless Wednesday: A Southern California Spring

By: Erin

It’s not quite Thursday yet, so I thought I’d get my Wordless Wednesday post in while I still can! We are having wonderful 70 degree weather here in Southern California. I know everyone else isn’t so lucky. So come enjoy some nice warm California Sunshine and the beginnings of some very beautiful spring blooms from my backyard! Those that are in California, then you know what beautiful weather we’ve been having.  I hope you’ve been able to get outdoors and enjoy these beautiful spring days! Enjoy!


Pink Roses

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Day 28- Home

If you have not noticed by now, I LOVE the outdoors… when I’m at home is no different. I am constantly in either the front yard or backyard watering or trimming the flowers, roses, and fruit trees in the gardens. Here is my little helper that likes to oversee what I am doing. He will follow me around where ever I am;  if I’m in the front he’ll be somewhere around watching me from a safe distance (since heaven forbid he get wet!), then when I go inside to go to the backyard,  there he’ll be, under a tree or sitting back relaxing on one of the lounge chairs just chilling while I work! lol So here’s Moe, on a lazy summer morning.  😉