You can contact and connect with Erin here:

Have a blog or social media campaign? Instagram campaign?  She would love to work with you! E-mail her to let her know what you’re looking for and for current rates.

E-mail her:

Follow her on Instagram: HorsingAroundLA      (25,120 Followers)

Follow her on Twitter: HorsingAroundLA          (13,420 Followers)

Like her on Facebook: Horsing Around In LA    (7,697 Fans)

Pinterest: HorsingAroundLA   (5,310 Followers)

Google+: HorsingAroundLA     (6,000 in circles)

LinkedIn: HorsingAroundLA     (+800 Contacts)

Klout Score: 72

Klear: 77/ Top 1% of all Social Media Users

She’ll always respond back =)


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