Picnicking Around LA

Picnicking Around LA

By: Erin

It’s a holiday weekend. I live in California. We’ve been having the most GORGEOUS weather ever this past week. What better way to take advantage of this amazing weather and holiday weekend than by spending as much time as I could outdoors and have a picnic!? A new picnic set was waiting to be used as well, another reason a picnic sounded like a great time. I’ve been itching to use this set! Now, where should I have this picnic though I thought? There are so many places to choose from, a park, the beach, my own backyard? Those are all such typical places to have a picnic though… I wanted something a little different. Then the light-bulb went on! The barn! Everything is so green and beautiful at the barn right now, it would be the perfect setting for a picnic and there is a picnic table there, so why not use it? I could combine two things I truly have a deep passion for: horses and food! What could be better? Now I just needed to get started on my menu and shopping list of items that I would need to purchase to have this wonderful picnic! For decor I thought it would be fun to use a Saint Patrick’s Day theme since that’s just around the corner, and I love the color green.

Saturday Night Shopping

On Saturday evening after spending a day out in the sun at a beautiful private barn in Bradbury, I went to my local Smart & Final to pick up all the goodies I’d need to orchestrate my picnic adventure.

Smart & Final #ChooseSmart

Here is a little peek into my stroll through Smart & Final. The first thing that caught my eye walking into the store were these beautiful flowers! Valentine’s Day flowers and they happened to be 50% off!!

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