On the Go With Tai Pei: “Good Fortune in Every Box” @TaiPeiAsianFood #Ad

On the Go With Tai Pei: “Good Fortune in Every Box”

By: Erin

There is never enough time in the day, but that should not prevent you from being able to enjoy a quality tasty meal. How does the sound of being able to enjoy a great authentic Asian-style takeout experience right from the comfort of your own home or while out at work without it taking hours and hours to prepare sound to you? Well that is now possible with Tai Pei®, a delicious line of frozen single serve entrees. I have partnered up with Tai Pei® and SocialMoms to bring this sponsored post to you today, to share with you this great option when it comes to great food on the go, or when you are cut short for time. Not only that, but they have an awesome BOGO coupon that you can get to try it out and see for yourself!


1 Tai Pei Beef And BroccoliThey were very easy to locate at my local grocery store and I love the packaging. It really stands out in a crowd. It looks exactly like the take out boxes you would get if you were ordering take out at your local Asian take-out joint. I decided to give the Beef & Broccoli, Orange Chicken, and Shrimp Fried Rice a go. They did not disappoint and they were all full of flavor, tasty, and very filling.

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Picnicking Around LA

Picnicking Around LA

By: Erin

It’s a holiday weekend. I live in California. We’ve been having the most GORGEOUS weather ever this past week. What better way to take advantage of this amazing weather and holiday weekend than by spending as much time as I could outdoors and have a picnic!? A new picnic set was waiting to be used as well, another reason a picnic sounded like a great time. I’ve been itching to use this set! Now, where should I have this picnic though I thought? There are so many places to choose from, a park, the beach, my own backyard? Those are all such typical places to have a picnic though… I wanted something a little different. Then the light-bulb went on! The barn! Everything is so green and beautiful at the barn right now, it would be the perfect setting for a picnic and there is a picnic table there, so why not use it? I could combine two things I truly have a deep passion for: horses and food! What could be better? Now I just needed to get started on my menu and shopping list of items that I would need to purchase to have this wonderful picnic! For decor I thought it would be fun to use a Saint Patrick’s Day theme since that’s just around the corner, and I love the color green.

Saturday Night Shopping

On Saturday evening after spending a day out in the sun at a beautiful private barn in Bradbury, I went to my local Smart & Final to pick up all the goodies I’d need to orchestrate my picnic adventure.

Smart & Final #ChooseSmart

Here is a little peek into my stroll through Smart & Final. The first thing that caught my eye walking into the store were these beautiful flowers! Valentine’s Day flowers and they happened to be 50% off!!

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A Lovely Lunch at Stonefire Grill

Looking for a new place to try out for lunch or dinner? Don’t feel like cooking on these toasty 95 plus degree dog days of summer? Want to try some new healthy options? Want a unique, fast-casual dining experience with a distinct and innovative style? Well then Stonefire Grill  is the place for you!! After hearing some great things about this place,  last month I had the chance to give  Stonefire Grill a try for the first time and it did not disappoint.  I really loved everything about this place.  Everything on the menu we had was delicious! Seriously, you could close your eyes and point to a random place on the menu and order. It will taste amazing.

Stonefire Grill first opened in Valencia in 2000 by sisters, Mary and Maureen Harrigan.  They wanted to move away from lengthy dining and thus created a fast-casual eating establishment. The focus of Stonefire Grill is on fresh ingredients to create dishes that are freshly prepared and simply delicious. Diners can enjoy Stonefire Grill in one of 7 locations, at home, or catered for a party.

When you first walk in you would order your food at the front, find your own seating, and they bring the food to you. Everything, from plates to soda fountain drinks to BBQ sauces, are left in one section of the dining area so you can get up and get whatever you need whenever you needed it.

Stonefire Grill recently added some refreshing Quinoa salads to their menu, which were the first items we tried. Quinoa is the seed that is high in protein and contains all 9 essential amino acids, making it a “super food” as it is a complete protein. Furthermore, for all of you health nuts out there, it is a good source of dietary fiber and phosphorus, and is high in magnesium and iron. It is also a great source of calcium, and thus useful for vegans and those who are lactose intolerant. Quinoa is gluten-free, easy to digest,  and contains no wheat and,when heated, is fluffy and creamy with an al dente texture that takes on the flavor of other ingredients in the dish. Quinoa has taken center stage on Stonefire Grills’ menu with the introduction of 3 new dishes. My favorite of the three was the Healthy Hybrid; so light and refreshing, just PERFECT for lunch on a summer’s afternoon!

Stonefire Grill offers 3 variations:

Keen Green: A blend of fresh spinach, pesto and quinoa with artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, avocado and Parmesan cheese for $8.99.

  Healthy Hybrid: Quinoa with garbanzo beans, red onion, green bell peppers, Kalamata olives, cucumber, tomato and artichoke hearts tossed with Dijon mustard vinaigrette and topped with feta cheese for$7.99.

 Quinoa (side):  Simply prepared in vegetable broth with a dash of fresh lemon, mint and green onions; single $1.59,small $2.99, medium $4.99 and large $8.99.

The entire lunch was amazing, I kept saying the same thing after the first bite, “This is sooo good!!”  The rest of our table agreed, there wasn’t anything we tried that we didn’t like. Everything was so fresh and tasty. We tasted the new quinoa salads; Keen Green and Healthy Hybrid, Tri Tip (both the Pepper Garlic & BBQ), Fresh Lemon Garlic Salmon, BBQ Chicken, Garlic Bread, followed by their famous homemade Carrot Cake, Fudge Brownie, and Cheese Cake for dessert. The food is primarily served family style as the portions are great for sharing. We had the petite salads, and as you can see, they are definitely big enough to share with others, or enough for you to take an extra meal home with you. The bread sticks were amazingly flavorful and buttery.

As for the meat, I am in love with the Pepper Garlic Tri-Tip with Gorgonzola butter. It was sooo tender, cooked to perfection, melt in your mouth good. The BBQ Tri-Tip was also delicious, but I love pepper garlic and gorgonzola butter!!! The salmon was simply prepared, very flavorful, light and flaky and grilled to perfection. The chicken was also very tender and had a nice Mesquite BBQ flavor to it. Next time, I can’t wait to try their ribs!! I have heard the meat is just fall off the bone delicious. Each item was cooked well, not overdone. All creations were very pleasing to the palate as well as to your wallet as the  food is priced affordably. You get a lot for your money as the portions are very generous. We had plenty of left overs at the end as we all took a box home with us for dinner! The Tri Tip is $13.99, The 1/2 Chicken is $6.99, and the 1/2 pound Salmon is $9.99. My favorites from the afternoon were the Healthy Hybrid, Pepper Garlic Tri-Tip, and the Carrot Cake!

Speaking of Dessert, I hope you left some room for some!!! Here are some pictures of the sugary, sinful delights. As you can see, they are plenty big enough to share with everyone at your table! We had a full size of the Heavenly Cheesecake (ONLY $5.49) and look how HUGE it is!! I only wish we had gotten a full size carrot cake piece too, as we only ordered a 1/2 portion ($3.29) I am usually a cheesecake girl, but the Incredible Carrot Cake is just that, INCREDIBLE!  It won me over. We also had their famous fudge brownie too ($2.79), which I would order again as well. It was very chocolatey, fudgey, and oh so good!!

Stonefire Grill is truly a restaurant that I will be going to again and again. Perfect to go out to with friends or family or if I’m just tired and had a long day and want take-out. If you live in or are visiting in LA, Orange County, or Valencia, then Stonefire Grill is a must try.


Valencia, West Hills, Fountain Valley, Irvine, Chatsworth,
Pasadena, Thousand Oaks

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