Milk and Eggs Delivering Right to Your Door + $100 Giveaway!

Milk and Eggs

By Erin

I received free groceries in exchange for an honest review of Milk & Eggs. 

Milk and Eggs delivers farm-fresh groceries directly to your door, saving you  valuable time and money. Their selections can all be found on their website, including everything from fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, dairy, and local artisanal products. By using Milk and Eggs, I’ve managed to make my grocery and household shopping easier. With such a hectic schedule this service is a life saver.  Delivery service currently includes Los Angeles County and most of Orange County (check out the map below). Imagine how nice it would be to wake up in the morning knowing your grocery shopping is already done and is waiting for you at the door. All you have to do is open up the door and put your groceries away. Pretty sweet.

With Milk and Eggs you are getting the freshest foods possible because they are farm direct which cuts out shelf and long transit times for the freshest foods. They deliver to your door for free saving you time and money! Your groceries are delivered in these bright yellow bags that are reusable. Here’s what was inside my yellow grocery bag. All the food was kept nice and cool in here. On the bottom was a large ice pack.

Milk and Eggs is inexpensive (lower than Whole Foods) because the produce comes straight from the farms, cutting out the costs of a middle-man. If you buy the same groceries on a regular basis you can subscribe to weekly or bi-weekly deliveries. Deliveries come between 5 – 7am, so by the time you wake up all your yummy goodies are on your doorstep! So what did I get? Let’s take a look.

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DoorDash Now Delivers Booze in SoCal! #DoorDashLA #BeerDash

DoorDash Now Delivers Booze in SoCal!

By Erin

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by DoorDash. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.*

Did you know? DoorDash is now delivering booze in Southern California and is expanding to other cities quickly. DoorDash is working with popular restaurants and breweries in town to let you order beer, wine and other spirits right along with your meals. How awesome is that?


If you have not heard of the DoorDash app yet, you have been missing out! It allows you to order from a wide variety of restaurants, from your favorite fast casual place to the trendy new hot spot down the street. The real treat is that  now you can order alcohol too. Perfect right!? Date night? Girls Night? Long day at work and you just don’t feel like cooking or want a drink without having to go anywhere? Then DoorDash is your answer. My favorite part is that DoorDash delivers booze.

With a growing list of over 100 partners in SoCal – including premium bottle shops, restaurants with unbelievable selection, your standard liquor stores, and your mom and pop Thai restaurants. It’s an affordable convenience delivered right to your doorstep in under 60 minutes. You can also order ahead of time at your prefered time of delivery, which is what I did.

If you’re like me and need things to be as convenient and easy as possible, then you will want to check out this amazing service. Due to my super busy schedule, I needed to put in my dinner order for later when I’d get home. I knew I’d be starving and ready to eat and have a nice cold beer, not wanting to just then be putting in my order and having to wait any longer.

12:30pm  On my lunch break I opened the DoorDash site and selected my restaurant of choice. We decided to order from a Korean BBQ place, called Sura Korean BBQ & Tofu House.  I put in my special promo code (that you are all welcome to use too!) HORSINGAROUND for $7 off my order of $20 or more. It was easy as pie. I set in our delivery time for 5:30-6:00pm.

5:00pm I got home and checked the site to check in on my order. It said it was en route and even told me the drivers name and that they should be there by 5:45pm.


5:15 pm The doorbell rang. Our food and drink was here already! Just make sure to have your ID handy to show your dasher if you ordered booze, so they can verify that you are over 21 years of age. 😉

5:30pm Took a few photos (of course) then enjoyed some yummy food and delicious drinks. Without any of the waiting, cooking or cleaning! Such a nice change of pace from the usual.


Dinner is served! Yum!

Los Angeles

King Harbor Brewing
Golden Road Brewing
Uncorked Wine Shop
Spin The Bottle
Barsha Wines
Robert Burns Wines
Jinya Ramen Bar


Orange County

Four Sons Brewery
High Park Tap House
Saint Marc
Newport Beach Brewing Co
Golden Road Brewing
Backstreet Brewery
Sealegs Wine Bar
Mission Market

San Diego

Mike Hess Brewing
Golden Road Brewing
Hillcrest Brewing Company
Prepkitchen (Little Italy)
Olive Tree Market
La Costa Wine Co.
The Wine Pub
Coast Highway Liquor
Del Mar Rendezvous



If you want to try out DoorDash, and enjoy a few drinks in the comfort of your own home use promo code: HORSINGAROUND It’s good for $7 off $20 orders, even if you’ve ordered from DoorDash before you can use it. You can also use this promo code to order adults drinks. How awesome is that? CHEERS! I will be ordering from them often!

Naturally Lindy & Facial Giveaway!

Naturally Lindy & Facial Giveaway!

By Erin

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and do I have a luxurious treat in store for a lucky reader from our friends at Naturally Lindy & Lindy’s Healing Facials. Wether you want to pamper yourself, or another amazing woman in your life, getting a facial is so refreshing and always makes for a perfect gift. I went to see Lindy the other month right before leaving for a press trip and it was just what I needed to relax and rejuvenate.

Lindy’s Healing Facials brings you a deep cleansing and relaxing facial treatment. I went in for the Healing Facial (1 hour/$85) with Lindy. This facial will have any impurities removed from the skin while listening to soothing music in the background.  A careful analysis will be given where lifestyle issues can be addressed, such as diet, allergies, hormones and stress. Pores are gently opened with aromatherapy and warm towels. Dead skin is removed with a light scrub or botanical glycolic peel. Next, impurities, such as blackheads and whiteheads are carefully removed (a bit painful for sure, but well worth the results!)and fresh aloe is immediately applied to assist in healing. A facial mask is applied and energy blocks are removed with hands-on, body balancing, reflexology, cranial work and a chakra balancing and sage blessing to complete the healing experience. After the facial I had, my skin was so soft, smooth and glowing. Not red or irritated at all.

Naturally Lindy

So if you’re still looking for a perfect gift for mom, grandma, or another special woman, consider the gift of a facial or some of the awesome items from Naturally Lindy Skin CareAll products are Paraben-free, Non-GMO, and never tested on animals. They are also 100% Natural and are made with pure whole leaf aloe vera that they have grown themselves. 

There are very few pampering experiences I enjoy more than a good facial, and this Mother’s Day, that’s exactly what I’m  highlighting at Naturally Lindy. Owned by Lindy Batis-Walsh, a licensed aesthetician and owner of Lindy’s Healing Facials since 1982, facials are just one of the skin care services you’ll find here. She has been featured in several magazines and TV shows and has been chosen “Best Facials in LA” by LA Weekly.


 Here’s a little more info on some of my favorite items from the Naturally Lindy Line: (*NOTE* Giveaway is NOT for these items, it is for a FACIAL with Lindy!! 🙂

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