Day 23–Need to Get Rid Of….

Ok, so you might think this is silly coming from a girl who loves to spend hours upon endless hours at the barn, a place filled with dust and dirt galore…. but I CANNOT stand DIRT OR MUD!! I can tolerate it, but it does not mean I like it! I hate feeling all grimy and dirty. LOL I am constantly trying to wash off the dirt with the water from the horses waterers at the barn. Or from the hose by the wash racks.  Not to mention how all the dirt and dust flying around the barn (or anywhere else for that mater) makes me sneeze like no other?! Also, when the pups, especially Shiloh here, who LOVES to play in the mud/dirt, gets all nice and dirty like this… you know that’s always a blast to clean up after!!! 😉 So I would just love it if I were able to get rid of all dirt and mud that is floating around, not serving a real purpose other than to just be a nuisance and to make messes!