Salt Creek Grille

Salt Creek Grille

By Erin

Salt Creek Grille has some amazing eats and drinks. You will want to make this place a regular or make it a special trip anytime you are in the Southern California area!

About Salt Creek Grille

Tim McCune and his original business partner, Pete Truxaw, dreamed of creating a neighborhood restaurant tailored to their community. They envisioned an upscale yet casual American-themed grille, where friends and family would come to relax and savor a unique dining experience. It was from that dream that Salt Creek Grille was born. I think it’s safe to say this is a success as both the outside patio and indoors were packed upon arrival with folks both relaxing and enjoying a nice meal, on a Wednesday evening.

Salt Creek Grille grills their meats over hot, mesquite embers. With a dedication to sourcing responsibly, their food is crafted with the freshest meats, poultry, fish, and produce available. The menu is paired with unique wines from boutique vineyards and well-known cellars, catering to both the connoisseur and causal taster.

The menu is only one part of the dining experience. Creating a nurturing culture among the staff that emphasizes sincere and attentive hospitality is of the utmost importance and is very noticeable the second you walk through the door. The atmosphere is warm and comfortable to make dining a relaxing and memorable experience for everyone. Take a look!


The entrance to Salt Creek Grille.


The beautiful and inviting patio. I chose to wait until we were leaving to grab this shot, it was THAT busy before!


The cozy and warm fire pit where you can hang out while you wait for your table.

This intimate organization of restaurants is located on the two coasts: Rumson and Princeton in New Jersey, and Valencia, El Segundo, and Dana Point in California.

So come experience the Salt Creek Grille way with me!

First we started out with some drinks of course!


I love blood oranges, so I just had to try the Blood Orange Margarita. It was divine. We were here on Wine Wednesday where you can get wine for 1/2 off, so my friend ordered some wine.

Next up we tried a couple of the appetizers. Boy were we in for a real treat!

Ahi Tuna Stack


Served up Sashimi Style with avocado, cucumber, wasabi, and ginger soy. So yummy!

Risotto & Goat Cheese “Beignets”


Next, we tried one that came highly recommended to us, so we HAD to try it. Arborio Rice, Black Truffles, Asiago, Goat Cheese, Roasted Tomato & Red Bell Pepper Sauce. Let’s just say this didn’t last very long… so yes it is good. These are amazing!

Then we tried one of the side salads.

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Would You Like That Burrito’d at Farrell’s| #Farrells @FarrellsIsBack

Would You Like That Burrito’d at Farrell’s!

By Erin

Farrell’s Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlours is celebrating Cinco De Mayo with the world’s first (as far as we know) “Would You Like That Burrito’d?” event. From May 1 through May 15 you can get almost anything on the Farrell’s menu, burrito’d. When we were invited to come in and try this concept out I was curious to see how this all worked and  was wondering what would be fun to try to get ‘burrito’d.’ The process of burrito’ing something is to take an item and wrap it in a large tortilla. The concept is pretty simple, but the results are lots of fun and, with most food items, surprisingly delicious!

Farrells Restaurant
We made our way on over to the Buena Park location to give the burrito’d thing a try. My birthday was in a few days, so we had an early celebration of that too. Why not right? As “Farrell’s is always about celebrating with family and friends, being unique, pushing the envelope, and having fun! So, for Cinco De Mayo we wanted to give people an alternative to the traditional trip to the local cantina for a margarita and chips.” Said Michael Fleming, Farrell’s CEO. Fleming continued, “When the idea first came up we all thought it was really funny, but after tasting some of our burrito’d items, they are really, really yummy! A few of my favorites were the Burrito’d BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, Chili Cheese Fries, and Gastro sandwich. We hope our guests have as much fun with this promotion as we did when creating the different burrito’d items.”

Cherry-Coke-FarrellsWe needed something to wash down all the yummy ‘burrito’d’ items and you can’t go wrong with a cherry coke! So what did we get burrito’d?

BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger

The first thing that we got burrito’d was the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger.

BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Farrells

This was really good as a “burrito.” A 1/2 pound burger smothered with plum BBQ sauce, topped with melty cheese, onion strings, fresh produce and hardwood smoked bacon. Wrapped up in a tortilla to make it ‘burrito’d.’ This is a great savory option to have as a burrito.

Hula Girl Farrells

If you want a little sweeter option to get burrito’d, then you might want to try the Hula Girl as a burrito! A juicy grilled chicken breast with sweet, fresh grilled Dole pineapple, tangy sesame ginger dressing, swiss cheese, and produce on a whole wheat bun. I very much enjoyed this one!

Buffalo Mac N Cheese Farrells

If you really want to have something fun, then get this one burrito’d! The Buffalo Mac; Cavatappi pasta and tender grilled chicken mixed in spicy buffalo cheese sauce and covered with melted bleu cheese. Baked in the oven then topped with more buffalo sauce, their famous onion strings, ranch dressing, and green onions. You also get a side salad with this one. This one does have a bit of a kick to it, so if you like some spice, you will love this. 🙂

Ice Cream Nachos Farrells

What would a fiesta be without some nachos (and dessert)? To end our special adventure we had some delicious Ice Cream Nachos! Crispy tortilla chips (waffle cone pieces) for dipping into the mint chip, chocolate malted crunch and animal cookie ice cream. All topped off with hot fudge, caramel, marshmallow fluff, whipped cream, mixed nuts, and a cherry. Ole!

Even through Farrell’s will provide guests with a handout that explains the promotion and makes recommendations of food items to burrito, they say they will burrito just about anything on their menu. Some items they recommend not burrito’ing include fried pickle appetizers, pizzas, or any soup (for obvious reasons). They do recommend burrito’ing any of their burgers or salads and many of their sandwiches and appetizers. Farrell’s locations participating in this promotion include Brea, Buena Park, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, and Sacramento. For specific store address, hours, or to make an on-line reservation visit

What would you get Burrito’d? 🙂

What’s Good Now at Seasons 52| #Seasons52 @Seasons52

What’s Good Now at Seasons 52

By Erin

*I was invited to come and try some of the new spring items at Seasons 52. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.*

Seasons 52 is a fresh grill and wine bar that offers a seasonal menu inspired by the fresh appeal of a farmer’s market and what’s good now, and boy do they have a lot of good stuff right now!  Seasons 52 is not only freshness driven, but also has a focus on healthy eating, with many entrees under 500 calories.  They accomplish this by their combination of lean meats, low starch contents, and sensible portions. The freshness of the ingredients is evident in all of their dishes, and we tasted many yummy goodies during our visit.

Seasons 52 Store Front

The entrance to Seasons 52, located at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. A very beautiful location.


Inside is just as gorgeous! So welcoming, warm and cozy.


My friend and I started the evening with a couple of refreshing drinks. I chose the one on the left here, the Hawaiian Pineapple Cosmopolitan made of New Amsterdam Pineapple Vodka & Patrón Citrónge and she chose the Mango Jalapeno Crush; consisting of Prairie Organic Gin, Mango, Housemade Lemonade, Fresh Jalapeño, Cilantro & Cucumber.


Seasons 52 has a special section on the menu titled, “Chef’s Suggestions” which has the chef’s top recommendations of “What’s good now,” and is chalk full of seasonally inspired items featuring ingredients at their peak of freshness. The first item on this menu that caught my eye was the Warm California Golden Beets Salad; made up of Laura Chenel goat cheese, toasted pistachios and micro basil. It was so fresh and delicious. I love beets and this dish was amazing paired with the goat cheese and pistachios, making for a delightful flavor combination.


Another delicious option in the “Chef’s Suggestions” for appetizers is this Lobster & Fresh Mozzarella Flatbread. Chunks of delicious lobster, roasted sweet peppers, slivered scallion, and lobster sour cream create one mouth-watering and scrumptious treat.

Ahi Tuna Tartare

A regular item on the appetizer menu is this delectable number and one of my favorites, the Ahi Tuna Tartare.  Layered with wasabi-avocado mousse, tropical salsa, Hawaiian sea salt crisps. The mix of the ahi tuna with the wasabi-avocado is exquisite. I would enjoy having this with any meal, at any time, any day.

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