Summertime with the Horses and an American Style Update

Summertime with the Horses and an American Style Update

By Erin

One reason I love the summer so much, is because it means I can spend more time at the barn with the horses. It’s also been awhile since I’ve been able to give an update on all the boys, so I thought I’d take a minute and let you all know how everyone is doing. ūüôā

If you remember American Style, from back in February, he had retired from racing with a left hind Condylar fracture, and had surgery performed on January 23rd, 2015. He has recovered nicely and is ready to start-up training to become a riding horse.


Styles ready to start his training!

11390029_1096547160375155_3510682829614028214_n (1)

Styles working in the side reins working on some ground work before his first ride.


Styles 1st ride!

Styles did amazing on his first ride with Sarah! He doesn’t steer very well yet, but that’s to be expected with such a green horse with no training yet. He stood so still while Sarah mounted to get on him, and he looks like he flexes and bends well. It will be exciting to watch him as he starts to learn to jump. He has started to go over ground-poles so far!

11063759_1103114739718397_4811016107449746961_n (1)

Styles trotting over some ground poles nicely.

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American Style

American Style

By Erin

There’s a new horse at the barn, and he’s a pretty special guy. Narrowly escaping death as the decision¬†to put him down had been made for the next day as there was no solid interest in him, due to him needing an expensive surgery ($3850) to fix a right hind fractured fetlock followed by 5 months of layup. Luckily for this special guy, American Style,¬†The Dolly Green Foundation¬†donated funds¬†for his surgery and After the Finish Line will be funding his lay up cost for 5 months! He is now with us at Equine Racers¬†for his layup and aftercare from his surgery and for re-training to find a forever home once he’s cleared to start work again. Isn’t he a doll? Just look at that face!

American Style

American Style is a 2011 Thoroughbred Gelding standing at 16.3 hands high. He was unplaced in 4 starts during his racing career. This incredibly well bred son of Papa Clem out of a Swiss Yodeler mare has major sporthorse and class breeding. American Style retired from racing due to a right hind fractured fetlock. He is looking to start another career as a dressage or as a hunter/jumper horse once he is sound again, hopefully this summer. His prognosis is very good for a full recovery after his surgery. 


This boy is such a sweetheart. Extra money is still needed though for his routine vet care, farrier, and extra feed for him! If you would like to donate you may via PayPal to subject American Style, all donations are tax deductible!

American StyleMy first visit with American Style. He was so curious, he couldn’t stand still long enough for me to get a clear shot of him! He wanted to leave his stall to go check out everything. Silly guy, but oh so sweet!