Knott’s Boysenberry Festival is a Foodie Lovers Paradise! #KnottsSpring @Knotts

Knott’s Boysenberry Festival is a Foodie Lovers Paradise!

By Erin

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Last week I got a little taste of what’s to come this weekend at the start of Knott’s Berry Farm’s Boysenberry Festival. Here are some of the highlights that you have to look forward to! What mouthwatering favorites or new creations are you looking forward to devouring? If you love boysenberries as much as I do, you won’t want to miss any of this deliciousness! Also be sure to check out all of the other Knott’s Boysenberry Festival Fun here!


Ribs with Knott’s Famous Boysenberry BBQ Sauce, Fried Alligator with Boysenberry Aioli, Fish & Chips Sandwich with Boysenberry Tarter Sauce. Yum!!


Boysenberry Chicken and Sausage Sandwich served on a Knott’s Fresh Boysenberry Bun!


Wings with Knott’s Famous Boysenberry BBQ Sauce! Finger Licking Good! 😉

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Celebrate Your Inner Child at Stacked: Food Well Built! @FoodWellBuilt

Celebrate Your Inner Child at Stacked! Food Well Built.

By Erin

Trying to think of an innovative place that has something to please everyone that you can take the family or some friends to? Then you will want to take a trip out to Stacked the next time you dine out! When I got an invite to come in for a visit, I couldn’t pass it up. Stacked: Food Well Built is a full-service, casual restaurant with a unique way of ordering that enables you to get exactly what you want, as you customize your meals in a comfortable, relaxed way on a tablet at your table. Whether you want to let your inner child out and customize all sorts of delicious and creative concoctions, or you like to go the more traditional route and order items that already have a set list of ingredients, Stacked is a place you will want to try if you have not already!

The tablet-based ordering system allows you to use a drag and drop feature that gives you the ability to visually build your meal right on the screen. I am a very visual person myself, so it helps me to see exactly what I am attempting to order.  Other benefits of having this system is the ability to control when you order and when you pay. This lets you easily customize your meal as you select your favorite ingredients to create your own personal masterpiece. However, if you do prefer a traditional approach, where a server takes your order for you, the staff is always happy to do so!


What the tablets on the tables look like that you order from. It is a very user-friendly way to order.  Stacked has lots of TVs everywhere, making it a great place to stop in for Happy Hour and to watch one of your favorite teams play.

As a true kid at heart, I just had to order my “dessert” first, by ordering a Mint Chocolate Chip Milkshake! 😉


The Mint Chocolate Chip Milkshake is a rich, refreshing blend of Chocolate Chips and mint topped with a generous dollop of Whipped Cream. I also added on strawberries to my shake. It had been a very warm day, and I had been outside at the barn for the past 4 hours. This was the perfect option. A light, creamy, mint flavor with chocolate and strawberries mixed in, with whipped cream on top!

Next, since it was so warm out, we decided to order The Cow In The Garden Salad.


I loved this salad! Think of an amazing explosion of flavors that blend together perfectly. What’s in the Cow in the Garden Salad? Flat Iron Steak with a Spring Lettuce Mix, Point Reyes Bleu Cheese, Sundried Tomatoes, Cucumber, Red Onion, Toasted Pepitas, Bleu Cheese and Balsamic Vinaigrette dressings topped with crispy Onion Strings.

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Day Dreaming of Hawaii #Travel #TBT

Day Dreaming of Hawaii

By Erin

With the time change the other week,  putting in extra long hours of work, having a fall out with a friend that was dear to me just the other day, but obviously I meant nothing to them, and now having some major car trouble, I have been day dreaming of greener pastures; relaxing on a nice tropical beach to just de-stress, relax, and get away from it all.

Hawaii would be nice! What do you think? These were from a past trip I took to Hawaii, I am very long overdue for a return trip though! 😉

I want to go into more detail a little bit later about a lot of fun places to visit and hang out in Hawaii, but for now, I just need to veg out and clear my head and just enjoy these peaceful and beautiful pictures. Aloha! 🙂 <3


Enjoying the view from up high at one of the parks in Oahu.


No matter where you go, you have a gorgeous view of something in Hawaii!


The flowers and plant life in Hawaii is a garden lovers paradise.


Our breathtaking view from our hotel room at the Royal Hawaiian. I seriously could live in that place, it’s so nice. Who would want to leave this??? I can still imagine hearing the ocean waves lulling in the background as I fall asleep. So peaceful and relaxing.


The sunsets in Hawaii…. they speak for themselves.