Don’t Forget to Stop and Smell the Roses

Don’t Forget to Stop and Smell the Roses

By Erin

Everywhere you look, spring is blooming. Time for new growth, new beginnings. Sometimes I get so busy with work, I forget to stop and smell the roses. This weekend I had a chance to do this though, and boy was I glad I did. Look what was there to greet me!  I love spending time in my garden and taking care of them. Hope you enjoy these spring blooms from my backyard! It’s just too bad you can’t smell how fragrant they are on here!


Some pretty purple Brunfelsia blooms.


A side view of the rose garden.


So pretty, if only you could smell them too!


Rose buds getting ready to bloom.


Close up of one of the Mr. Lincoln roses.


See the little spider? 😉

Pink-Rose-BushPretty in Pink.


These are some of my favorite ones!


This one almost kind of reminds me of the Beauty and the Beast Rose.


I wish these bloomed more than once a year!


Don’t forget in your busy day to stop and smell the roses!


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