Wordless Wednesday: Majestic Lusitano Stallions

Wordless Wednesday: Majestic Lusitano Stallions

By Erin

There are some pretty gorgeous Lusitano stallions at the barn where the horses are kept at. My friend Cat at the barn captured some amazing shots of these very animated guys! Take a look! 😉


A little bit of history on this breed; the Lusitano is a Portuguese horse breed, closely related to the Spanish Andalusian horse. Often times called Iberian horses because the breeds were developed on the Iberian peninsula, until the 1960s they were considered one breed, under the Andalusian name. The Lusitano has been developed to be a horse that is useful for war, dressage and bull fighting. In 1966, Portuguese and Spanish stud books split, and the Portuguese strain of the Iberian horse was named the Lusitano. The guys pictured here are used as bull fighting horses.

What do you think? Some pretty handsome fellas aren’t they? 😉


Working on the longe line with side reins.



10960337_804216202988507_535444909861279648_o Say CHEESE!!!! 🙂

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