Taking a Stroll Through the Capitol State Park

Taking a Stroll Through the Capitol State Park

By Erin

A few weeks ago I went up to Sacramento for a total steak lovers media trip. More to come on that soon! 😉 On my last morning there, I had a couple of hours to kill before a fancy car was being sent to take us all back to the airport to start our journeys back home. The State Capitol of California was only a short block or two away from the hotel I was staying at, so I decided to explore the grounds surrounding the beautiful Capitol at the Capitol Park, the 40-acre grounds of the Sacramento Capitol, that includes trees and shrubs from around the world. There are approximately 1140 trees in the park, representing over 200 types of trees. Also featured on the grounds is approximately 155 memorials to significant events and people involving California and other points-of-interest.

I always enjoy my time up in Northern California, it’s so beautiful and different than it is down here in Southern California. Take a look for yourself. Isn’t it gorgeous? I could totally go for a morning walk here any day!


The path leading up to the capitol, and my first view of it.

Capitol Park

There are all kinds of interesting statues and monuments to be found around the park. Here is a statue honoring those who served in the Spanish-American War and a reproduction of the Liberty Bell.

Capitol Park 1014

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Disney’s Big Hero 6 is Here!

Disney’s Big Hero 6 is Here!

By Mindy Marzec

What do you get when you combine classic Disney animation with the action-adventure of live action Marvel super hero movies? The result is the stunning “Big Hero 6,” the  54th animated feature from Walt Disney Animation Studios.


“Big Hero 6” is set in the futuristic fantasy world of San Fransokyo, where young robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada (voiced by Ryan Potter) befriends a large inflatable robot, Baymax (voiced by Scott Adsit). Baymax was programmed to be helpful and compassionate, but when evil befalls the city, Hiro must help Baymax become an all-powerful fighting machine. They team up with Hiro’s friends GoGo Tomago (voiced by Jamie Chung), Wasabi (voiced by Damon Wayans Jr.), Honey Lemon (voiced by Genesis Rodriguez), and Fred (voiced by T.J. Miller) and become the high-tech super hero team Big Hero 6.


The movie is based on the Marvel comic of the same name, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Marvel gave Disney their blessing to use the name and create their own story and universe, which is exactly what Disney did. “Big Hero 6” is certainly packed with action, but it also has that Disney heart and soul we come to expect. And I don’t want to give away spoilers, but yes, this one is a tear jerker so pack some tissues (think “Dumbo” and “Bambi” level heart-string-pulling). While we’ve come to expect tragedy in Disney movies, this one is a little different. The audience goes on an emotional journey with Hiro as we watch him deal with grief and then process those feelings and emotions throughout the film. It’s quite touching and groundbreaking for an animated movie. As the kids would say, it gave me “all the feels.” 


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It’s Christmas Time Charlie Brown @Knotts #MerryFarm!

It’s Christmas Time at Knott’s Merry Farm!

By Erin

*Disclosure: This is written by me for GigaSavvy. I do not work for or with any brand mentioned in this article, nor do I have any official relationship with them. I will be attending a media event for Knott’s Merry Farm with complementary passes. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.*

Knott's Merry Farm Logo

 A Southern California Holiday Tradition

A beloved Southern California Holiday Tradition since 1985, Knott’s Berry Farm’s seasonal event, Knott’s Merry Farm celebrates the Christmas season November 22 through January 4, 2015. This most merry holiday event includes park-wide decorations, live entertainment, festive food, and a holiday shoppers delight with a winter wonderland filled with local artisans. Also, keep an eye out for Snoopy! He’s getting into everything! 😉


Live Entertainment

*Enjoy all of the holiday fun that Knott’s Merry Farm has to offer!*

*Merry Christmas, Snoopy!Catch Snoopy as he performs in a brand new ice show inside of the Charles M. Schulz Theatre.

*Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and O. Henry’s A Gift of the Magi-will be performed in the historic Bird Cage Theatre.

Knott's Merry Farm

*Snoopy’s Merriest Tree Lighting- Calico Stage lights up the season with a musical, whimsical tree lighting once the sun sets.

*Camp Snoopy Theatre Dance & Sing Along- Over in Camp Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus and Lucy invite you to dance, sing and join in on the holiday cheer.

Snoopy Railroad 41

*Christmas on Engine 41- Climb aboard and meet an ever-changing group of Ghost Town residents eager to share their Christmas plans and songs with you.

*Dickensian vocal quartet-In Ghost Town, the Calico Carolers and country Christmas blue grass quartet, the Ghost Town Miners celebrate the sounds of the season.

Calico Carolers

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