Knott’s Halloween Haunt & Scary Farm 2013 Preview! #ScaryFarm

Knott’s Halloween Haunt 2013 Preview!

By: Erin

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I was invited out by the Knott’s PR/Social Team to preview this event. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.

Have you been to the Scary Farm? If you have, then you know the excitement and planning that goes into it every year and how frightful it can be. The other week, I had the pleasure of attending Knott’s Scary Farm 2013′Preview/Media event.

Knott's Scary Farm

As the 41st year of the Knott’s Scary Farm Haunt creeps up on us, with all it’s guts and glory, it is exciting to announce what’s in store for this treasured Haunt!  The 41st year of this annual Haunt promises more fright, more fun, more foreboding than the past 40 years have wrought. What is there already for this year’s haunt you ask? Read below to find out!

Mortals who were there to announce this years tales from the crypt:

  • Jeff Tucker – Supervisor of Live Shows
  • Brooke Walters – (Design Supervisor) Designer of Haunt mazes such as Doll Factory, Virus Z, Terro Dominion of the Dead, Trick or Treat
  • Lara Hanneman – (Director of Entertainment Production)
  • Daniel Miller –  (Design Specialist) Pinocchio Unstrung,  Delirium, Black Magic
  • Timothy “Gus” Krueger – (Design Specialist)  Uncle Willy’s Slaughterhouse, Dia de los Muertos, Endgame

Returning Mazes:

  1. Trick Or Treat: Ummmm I don’t think I’d really want to go Trick or Treating here! Trick Or Treating in a witches house? No Thanks! 😉
  2. Pinocchio: Unstrung – Murderous marionettes seeks the flesh of maze visitors to cover Pinocchio’s twisted, wooden body. Sounds like some twisted puppet string fun?
  3. Delirium – The stuff that nightmares and insanity is made of. Fun times right? Maybe if you like being scared… 😉
  4. Uncle Willy’s Slaughterhouse – This just sounds wrong. A deranged butcher runs a barbecue restaurant? Don’t think I’d want to eat at this restaurant!
  5. End Games – Gladiators battle to the death for the entertainment of the rich and powerful. Some good clean gory fun never hurt anyone, right?

What would the Halloween Haunt be without the Knott’s Design Team using their haunted twisted powers to create a few NEW terrifying mazes to spook the living daylights out of you. All in the name of fun of course. 😉

New Mazes:

  1. Forevermore– Edgar Allan Poe inspired. A serial killer conjures up a Gothic horror maze.
  2. Black Magic- The Demonic Harry Houdini demonstrates terribly twisted magic tricks in a burned out Art Deco theater.
  3. The Gunslinger’s Grave– The Red Hand Gang makes an attempt, but fails to kill a legendary gunslinger, who rises from the dead to seek revenge on an 1883 Old West town.
  4. Dominion of the Damned – Vampires… need I say more?
  5. Mirror, Mirror – A mirror nightmare cursed by the Green Witch. The funhouse-like mirror maze will travel along a creepy path guaranteed to get visitors lost and scared to see what reflection will be staring back at them in the mirrors.

There will also be some exciting scarezones for your frightful delight in between the mazes:

  1. Ghost Town – Cursed cowboys, Yay cowboys!
  2. CarnEvil Clowns – Clowns, your worst nightmare, or mine at least!
  3. Necropolis – Steampunky Vampires.
  4. Village of the Dead – Like Dia de los Muertos, but will be way scarier. 😉

There will also be live shows and entertainment throughout the park for even more carny, clown dancing, ghostly fun. This includes: The Hanging, Possessed, Carny Trash, Blood Drums, and Possessed.

A NEW version of Trapped, NOW called Trapped: The New Experiment will also be a part of the scares this year. It will be longer. It will be scarier with new fears and screams to be found. There is an additional fee for this.


Last but not least, the biggest surprise of all came up to the stage! After a 12 year absence, Elvira! Mistress of the Dark! will be returning! Elvira is coming back to Knott’s Scary Farm with a brand new show called the Sinema Seance.



 After the Press Preview, we were all treated to a lovely haunted reception with all your favorite monsters! Here is a pic of myself with some of the senior monsters of Knott’s Halloween Haunt & Scary Farm! 🙂

Scary Farm Monsters

Photo Credit: Chris Lam 🙂

Some of the scary decor and delightful ghoulish eats.

Knotts Scary Farm



Want to Go to Knott’s Scary Farm?

Pre-sale tickets bought online range from $38 to $54 per person, depending on what night you choose. If you decide to by a ticket the day of, the price is $62 per person, ouch. Be smart, buy your tickets ahead of time! 😉

Tickets for Trapped: The New Experiment is an additional fee and you will need to reserve a time. Be sure to keep an eye out on Knott’s Scary Farm’s FB Page or website for updates on when you can purchase tickets!

Important Upcoming Dates for Knott’s Scary Farm:

August 5th: Knott’s Scary Farm Open Hire Event

September 16-20: Scare School

September 24-25: Dress Rehearsal

September 26: First Night of Haunt

November 2nd: Last Night of Haunt

22 thoughts on “Knott’s Halloween Haunt & Scary Farm 2013 Preview! #ScaryFarm

  1. It’s so much fun to work the Haunt, even if your not part of the scare crew. I did it for one year and I had friends that worked the Haunt for several years and kept being asked to come back.

  2. Halloween – my favorite holiday and October might be my favorite month. If I were any where near this place, I would certainly go to it! All that scary stuff really brings out the kid in me like nothing else does! Enjoy….

  3. Halloween (and Trick or Treating) is such an integral part of growing up … and its innocence has been tainted by so many “fear factors” (like fear of what treats are given, fear of who is opening that door, etc.). So it’s terrific that Knott’s is offering an alternative … even if it isn’t the same walk-through-the-neighborhood-and-scare-the-neighbors-into-treating-us scene! (Besides, kids have changed too …) Great preview, Erin!
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